7 Winter 2020 Nail Polish Colors That Will Get You Out Of Your Manicure Rut

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With its numbing cold that makes for uncomfortable commutes, long, dark nights spent bundled at home, and the layers upon layers that you're forced to resort to, winter has a way of hiding away any semblance of self when it comes to getting ready. It sounds melodramatic, but it's true — people are just trying to stay comfortable and cozy, even if it means packing away personal aesthetics 'til spring. But there's still one way to express yourself amidst all the flannel, down, and wool: by coating your nails with one of these unexpected winter 2020 nail polish colors.

A fresh manicure can do wonders when it comes to resetting your outlook (on your wardrobe, and on life in general), and luckily there are plenty of new polishes to get inspired by for your next salon visit. But the colors coming out by beloved nail brands and indie lines alike aren't just your typical winter hues — you know, the snow whites, jet blacks, moody purples, and jolly reds you're used to seeing — alongside those classics you'll find cool colors that are reinventing what a seasonally appropriate manicure really looks like.

From whimsical updates on wintry mainstays to warm colors you'd typically spot somewhere tropical, click through to discover the shades to shake up the season (and show off your style).

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