The 5-Star Hydrating Face Oil The Internet Can’t Stop Raving About


The secret to healthy, glowing skin, especially during the winter months, is hydration. And if your everyday moisturizer just isn't doling out the proper dose to keep your skin soft and smooth this season, it may be time to try adding a moisture-rich face oil to your routine. But with all the options out there, finding a good face oil can feel pretty difficult — that is, until you discover the stunning selection of top-rated face oils at Dermstore. If you've yet to identify your holy grail glow-inducing hydrating oil, look no further than these five-star finds.

If you've previously felt apprehensive towards face oils, fearing that they'd have unfavorable results on your painstakingly perfected skincare routine, Dermstore's highly-rated offerings are proof that it's officially time to reverse your perspective. The much-loved moisture-boosting products are prime for providing skin with the extra serving of hydration necessary during a dry spell — plus they're packed with tons of additional complexion-saving ingredients that achieve just about any skin care goal.

Take Dermstore's five-star rated Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil, for one. The $72 oil is specifically formulated to serve up ample hydration while simultaneously balancing out your complexion. That way, the super-dry areas receive the moisture they need, while more oily-prone areas are encouraged to stop overproducing pore-clogging sebum. With each use, you'll be working towards more even, radiant skin, and shoppers can't get enough of it.

Looking for the extra protection of antioxidants? Opt for a hydrating face oil that's packed with superfood ingredients and free radical-fighting vitamins. Sunday Riley's JUNO Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil, also $72 at Dermstore, uses supercharged seed oils from fruits like raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry to deliver antioxidants and fatty acids that protect and plump your skin. And if the reviews are any indication, you can expect out-of-this-world glow from just a few drops of this five-star oil each day.

More affordable (but no less loved) options amongst Dermstore's highest-rated face oils include eco-friendly Indie Lee's Squalane Facial Oil, $34, and Credentials' Liquid Gold, $29. Both oils are aimed at giving skin a hydrated, silky feeling that's lightweight and not-at-all greasy, so skin looks radiant instead of slick. Indie Lee's squalane oil is an ideal pick if you're hoping to fight early signs of aging, while Credentials' vitamin A and E-packed formula is favored for its soothing properties that save sensitive skin.

Dermstore stocks several more fan-favorite face oils that have found themselves with five-star ratings, so if you've been looking for one that'll save your skin this season (and beyond), you can finally call off the search. Keep scrolling to see some of the top five-star face oils the site offers, and get ready to find your skin's new best friend.