Instagram Is The New Place To Find Free Guided Meditations


Whether you've been meditating for years or looking to start a new habit, now seems like the ideal opportunity to devote some time to the increasingly popular wellness trend. This practice has become more and more accessible — and affordable — in recent years, so it should come as no surprise that of late, more and more studios, teachers, and brands are offering guided mediations on Instagram as a means of dealing with the stress and anxiety that come with navigating a global health crisis.

It's understandable to be dealing with stress given the circumstances: You may have had to completely upend your work routine, be kept away from your family and loved ones, and of course the thread of disease is worrisome all on its own. If you are experiencing such feelings, it's good to know you've got options. Besides virtual therapy sessions with a trusted counselor, you could take advantage of meditation, which helps many to disconnect from triggering thoughts and get to a more calm and grounded state of mind.

That said, meditation isn't easy for everyone. App versions can help, but even some of those can be hard to follow or lack a sense of connection that makes some forms more successful. But now that many companies and practitioners (from fitness brands to life coaches) have taken to Instagram to offer options via Live stories or IGTV, you can feel more virtually guided than ever. And as an added bonus — it's free. Ahead are a few places to find meditation on your feed that could have you feeling better in minutes.

Beeja Meditation

To provide mental health support during COVID-19, the meditation center has been offering daily midday sessions. Follow along for details on when to tune in.


In addition to its free fitness offerings, the beloved yoga brand takes to stories every Thursday for 15-minute sessions.

Ziva Meditation

Ziva's technique combines meditation with concepts of mindfulness and manifesting, and it's been offering global mediation classes every Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on Instagram Live (and if you miss it, they'll keep the story up for 24 hours). In addition, you can expect daily teachings and tips from founder Emily Fletcher and guest experts.

Jay Shetty

Acclaimed "Purpose Coach" Jay Shetty just launched a mediation challenge: 20 minutes a day for 20 days. Hop in when you can, or make it a goal to tune in every day and see how it affects your productivity and mindfulness.


In addition to the offerings on its popular app, Calm offers meditative Instagram content, including a guided session with Head of Mindfulness and Meditation Tamara Levitt.

The DEN Meditation

While the LA-based meditation studio is closed for sheltering-in-place, you can take digital classes via Zoom, or tune into its IGTV offerings, which include calming sessions with its expert staff.

Sara Auster

The sound therapist and meditation teacher leads live sound baths on a regular basis (as well as mini sessions you can find on the feed).