This Is The Fall Outfit I'll Wear For Four Months Straight

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Asia Typek
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I've had the same eight outfits, 10 pairs of shoes, and four bags on rotation for the past few months. It's what happens when I start to get comfortable (and busy) — armed with a handful of looks that I can confidently whip out with little-to-no pondering, I start to go on fashion auto-pilot and turn my focus elsewhere. But, this deep into summer, I'm feeling a bit bored by it all. Which is why I've already turned my attention to the 2019 fall outfit ideas I can slowly begin to add in to my rotation. Utilizing a few of my key summer purchases while cherry-picking those fresh seasonal essentials, I'm carefully curating my new season of looks — now available for your own discretionary testing too.

Though you're by no means limited to wearing a highly-curated number of looks, landing on a few easy outfit options can help take away the panic and paralysis of choice that comes with peering into your closet on a Monday morning. While my aim is to not rely entirely on these ensembles, I'm excited to establish a list of ideas that I can use as a jumping-off point for outfits, swapping in and out specific items as things chill out over the coming months and testing out trends in a no-pressure way. Read on for seven essential fall outfits that you're bound to spot me in sometime soon.

Leather Trench + Bright Bag

Considering the fact that leather (and its faux alternatives) will be everywhere this coming fall, on top of my seasonal outfit needs is a sleek trench that can just easily be styled with jeans as trousers.

Tanks + Trousers

Asia Typek

I've already professed my love for the pairing of a sleek tank top and oversized trousers, but I'm looking forward to the chance to break the outfit out more often as the temperatures allow. It's a simple combination that looks surprisingly elevated for the actual amount of effort required.

Sweater + Silk Skirt

The beauty of transitional dressing is the fact that it allows for a bit of creative application in an attempt to extend the life of summer staples. A sweeping silk skirt paired with a cozy sweater is the kind of unfussy fall dressing I'm aiming for.

New Suiting

Last year's suiting trend continues its popularity in 2019, in a range of fresh silhouettes and materials. A skirt suit or oversized boyish separates are both easy takes to incorporate into your established wardrobe.

Strategic Sheer

Asia Typek

Sheer pieces typically fall squarely in the summer category, but smart layering can make it easy to incorporate a little bit of soft sheerness into your structured seasonal wardrobe.

Cool Coat

As temps cool off, there's no dressing option quite as easy as throwing a cool coat over jeans and a basic tee. As we approach the time of year to embrace the idea of strategic layering, a bold coat is the ideal finishing touch.

Dress + Denim

Speaking of strategic layering, a clever styling trick I'm looking to employ as temps cool down is the layering of a dress and pair of jeans together. It's slightly more *experimental* than simply styling denim with a standard top, but it's nothing so wild you'll feel like you're in a costume as opposed to a legitimate outfit.

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