This Viral Street Style Outfit Is 2019's Must-Try Look

It's not often that a single street style outfit becomes the buzziest moment of an entire fashion week. But during haute couture last summer, the fashion world collectively experienced what I'll refer to as a sartorial freak-out over an ensemble put together by Vogue Ukraine's fashion director Julie Pelipas. It the sort of viral street style outfit that struck all the right chords: simple, sophisticated, and actually realistic to recreate: high waisted pants, fitted tank, belt, flats, tote, hoops — that's it.

During this year's couture week, Pelipas debuted a new take on the look, opting for a lower-slung pair of pants, looser tank, and flip flops. But, she wasn't the only one whose heartily re-embraced 2018's buzziest look in the new year. In fact, the combination of trousers and tank tops has quietly emerged as one of the strongest outfits of 2019. Bottega Veneta debuted an ad campaign that channeled the look — albeit with leather shorts in place of full-length trousers. Influencers and editors (myself included) have also embraced the simplicity of the look. With the addition of a tailored blazer and heels, the combination is undeniably sophisticated. By styling with flip flops á la Pelias, trousers feel a bit more like everyday jeans.

Pelipas in 2018. Photo Credit: Dvora/Shutterstock
Pelipas in 2019. Photo Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

In many ways, the combination is an homage to the Pheobe Philo "Old Céline" aesthetic. It's minimalist but thoughtful, and lends itself well to proportion play (think: a tight top contrasted against a baggier bottom half, or the reverse). And the combination possesses a laid-back air that suggests the wearer didn't spend more than a few minutes putting it all together. Being that I've tried out the look more than a few times now, I can attest that it takes under 10 minutes to pull together in full.

2013 Céline Ad

To help you embrace the coolest ensemble of 2019, below you'll find a few #tanksandtrousers combinations to get you started. The key is to not overthink it, find a pair of trousers with a fit you love and throw on a simple topper to finish it off. Try it out, then show it off — it's that easy.

Pared Back

Style a basic ribbed tank with high-waisted black trousers for days when you need to look put-together in two seconds flat. The monochromatic palette feels put-together without needing a whole lot of lift to get you there.

Cool Suiting

If you're looking for a way to pull off the trend at work, layer a tank under a polished suit. Finish with a colorful pair of heels and you're ready to take on the corporate world.

Sleek Structure

If a basic tank isn't your style, consider a more structured piece like the Orseund Iris top above. Pair with oversized trousers for a cool contrast that still feels sleek.

Pop Of Color

If you're excited to embrace the bold colors of summer, pair a simple tank with a pair of eye-catching pants. Silk styles in bright green, orange, or even tie-dye are a trend-forward take on the look.


Embrace the resurgence for all things '90s and opt for a casual-cool take on the combination. A simple, strappy tank and cargo-inspired trousers are a bit more relaxed than other iterations of this look.

Texture Play

One way to add extra intrigue into the look is to try playing with texture. Swap a cotton tank for a knit style and try pants in leather or faux instead of a more traditional linen or wool.