Bad Hair Day? Not Anymore Thanks To This New Trend


You've no doubt got the memo that hair clips are back in style. Clips, barrettes, pins, and everything in between have returned in full force — and the results as seen on Instagram are really, really pretty. There are enamel iterations in pretty seashell silhouettes all the way to bead-encrusted versions in pops of green and blue. There are sleek architectural pins to hold up a loose bun and even simple '90s-inspired clips placed on each side of the temples to frame your face. They're poised to be one of the biggest accessory trends of the year and rightfully so. Not only can a hair clip add a conversational component to any look (how much more charming does a sweater and jeans pairing look with a tortoiseshell clip in your hair?) but they also are typically on the more affordable side, which means you can buy in bulk — even if said hair clip comes from a cute new brand!

But hair clips aren't just instagram fodder, they are also a practical favorite amongst tastemakers. Stylist Sarah Slutsky cites the trend as her go-to when she's short on time. "Adding an architectural hair accessory does the magic trick to pull a look together in a pinch," Slutsky says. "[it's my] weapon of choice...it also helps when you don’t have time to do your hair!"

Still, finding the right accessory can take a little digging. There are a few labels that offer splashy, colorful options if you want to make a statement. But, options range all the way to really sleek barrettes and clips, so the minimalist is covered too. Pearls, crystals, prints, beads, and more are all to be found from these of-the-moment designers.



These simple, sleek hair clips are handmade in France, New Mexico, and New York. At around $30 each they're the perfect choice for an everyday accessory.



Valet's handmade resin clips are what accessory dreams are made of. The brand is chock-full of super bright, playful pieces that will swiftly take your look to the next level.

Sylvain Le Hen


If you appreciate a clean, minimalist aesthetic then this should be your first stop on the hair clip train.



Widely known for their brightly-colored color-block outerwear, Shrimps also happens to make beaded barrettes in a range of dreamy colors.

Pixie Market


Pixie Market is always a go-to for an affordable, trend-forward piece so it's no surprise they now offer hair clips. The three below are all on the waitlist so get your name down before they sell out again!



This New York-based hair clip brand offers barrettes and pins that are perfect for accentuating a cute party outfit.

Charlotte Chesnais


There are few designers that could make you want to wear an egg-shaped clip in your hair and Charlotte Chesnais is definitely one of them.