These New Sheet Masks Will Revive Your Winter Skin

Ben Rosser/BFA/Shutterstock

What's the easiest way to feel like you're getting a spa treatment at home? Skin care lovers would likely agree that the answer is face masks – they just feel so luxurious while they work their magic. And you're in luck if your skin is due for an indulgence. You'll find tons of new sheet masks in Peach & Lily's "Just In" section to achieve just about any skin goal, from the comfort of home.

Since Peach & Lily is known for curating the best of the best in Korean skin care, it's become a go-to spot for shoppers searching for the next big beauty secret. And when it comes to face masks, the brand really knows what's good. Earlier this year, Peach & Lily's eponymous skin care line put out a resurfacing mask that keeps selling out — so when founder Alicia Yoon and her team deem masks worthy of offering on the site, you can rest assured that the results will be worth it.

The latest crop of masks on Peach & Lily are targeted at treating a variety of skin woes, from a dry, dull complexion (hello, winter skin) to an uneven or inflamed texture. And since most of the new arrivals are sheet masks, they're easy to apply and require little to no clean up. Simply place the treatment-soaked sheet over your face, sit back, and pretend you're at a five-star spa.

Plus, just about all of the masks ring in at under $7, so you're getting a super-luxe treatment for less. Take the $6 Raw Sheet from May Coop: The cult-fave brand is known for its deeply hydrating maple water serum, which is the main ingredient of this super-moisturizing sheet mask. Peach & Lily shoppers have already given the mask a top rating, saying it left them with soothed, hydrated skin after just twenty minutes.

If your goal is to get glowy, even-textured skin, opt for Leaders' Coconut Gel Mask With Orange, also just $6. While it is a sheet mask, it differs from most because it uses cultured coconut juice instead of cotton fibers to form the actual sheet, so the mask is guaranteed to be 100 percent natural. It's packed with an orange-infused serum to deliver vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to your skin, which work together to brighten and gently exfoliate. The result? Radiant, smooth skin.

Whatever treatment you're hoping to give your skin, you're likely to find a spa-worthy sheet mask that fits the bill amongst Peach & Lily's latest arrivals. Browse several of the best new masks on the site below, and head over to the K-beauty retailer to discover even more.