The Work-From-Home Essential That’ll Keep You From Getting Distracted

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With many people's statuses transitioning to work-from-home, certain essentials like headphones, extra-strong coffee, and a functional work space are of utmost importance. The former, in particular, is crucial, particularly for those who share their space with a significant other, roommate, pets, or family. Living spaces (especially busy ones) are filled with distractions and transitioning them into a quiet, peaceful, productive work environment is not always an easy task. That said, a solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones can do the trick to help you drown out the everyday noises and voices of your surroundings. Luckily the options on the market are more cutting edge than ever. In addition to keeping the noise out, headphones these days include a plethora of bells and whistles that run just short of leading your next conference call.

In fact, there's literally a headphone for every type of job need. For instance, if your gig requires you to be on calls for a good portion of the day, a solid bluetooth headset like the Jabra Evolve 75 is a great option as it's known for its great mic intelligibility. If frequent calls are not an issue, but you simply want to keep from getting distracted a strong noise-cancelling set like the new Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 are a great choice in that they allow you to control the amount of noise you suppress (from complete outside silence to light muffled sounds).

So, if you've been desperate and scrambling for a set of headphones to make your home feel a bit more like a quiet, serene office, look no further. Ahead, six solid options that'll help turn your living room into a functional and productive work environment.

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