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Shayla Mitchell is one of many Black beauty YouTubers who always have the most creative makeup tutor...

Back in the dawn of beauty vlogging, when self-taught social media stars first started making millions from eyeshadow tutorials and foundation reviews, the industry was dominated by white skin. But now, although the YouTube scale still tips in the favor of Euro-centric aesthetics, there are a host of Black beauty YouTubers to hold the industry accountable.

Jackie Aina has been representing people of color on YouTube for more than a decade now. Churning out a mixture of lighthearted how-tos and down-to-business PSAs about race, she blurs the line between makeup tutorialist and activist. In 2018, Aina was named the NAACP's first ever YouTube Creator of the Year, an award that now has countless contenders.

Like Aina, many beauty vloggers play two roles: to advocate and to create artist-level makeup looks while doing so. Between Alissa Ashley's recreations of iconic makeup looks and Ellarie's monochrome series, they have the creativity to sustain such hefty followings, too. So, whatever you're looking for — a conversation about diversity in the beauty industry or a creative step-by-step guide to the latest eyeliner trend — these YouTubers are worth subscribing to stat.

Monica Veloz

Veloz, who goes by MonicaStyle Muse on YouTube, is an Afro-Latina vlogger whose channel is a mélange of fun tutorials, reviews, and lifestyle videos. If ever you need a statement eyeshadow look, she's your girl.

Karla Tobie

Karla Tobie aka Princess Bellaaa is the queen of kaleidoscopic cut creases and bold lips. Her tutorials — in which she talks about wearing glitter on hooded lids or wearing bright makeup on dark skin — are always a stunning explosion of color.

Alissa Ashley

Doing makeup for Zendaya, collaborating with e.l.f. Cosmetics on a lip gloss, and surpassing the 2 million followers mark are just a few of Alissa Ashley's achievements. She loves to recreate a memorable celebrity look — Twiggy, Rihanna's British Vogue cover, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande in their new "Rain On Me" video.

Sonjdra Deluxe

If you're a fan of ethereal pastels and holographic shimmer, Sonjdra Deluxe and her ever-changing hair color have that department covered. Her rosy, minty, soft-hued looks are right on trend for summer 2020.


Shayla Mitchell, who you may know as MakeupShayla, was the first beauty influencer to score a makeup collection with Maybelline. She has collaborated with ColourPop on a palette that works for all skin tones, and is known for her always glamorous and frequently colorful makeup tutorials.


Scroll through Ellarie's channel and you'll be delighted by the playful inspo behind her tutorials (Cheetos, for example) and the many cameos by her lookalike daughter, whose nickname is Yoshidoll.

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