Black Women Creators To Follow Right Now — Including This Majorly Talented Artist

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There are endless ways in which one can take a stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Following advocation, donations, signing petitions, and sharing resources, you can find more Black creators to follow on Instagram. Not only can following more Black women diversify your feed, but a larger following can help amplify voices on platforms that often suppresses them.

Sure, a social media share, post, or follow may feel insignificant, but when compounded with active change, lifting Black voices on Instagram and otherwise can help change the narrative. As writer and activist Gisele Milan stated in an IGTV post on June 1, "You may feel like you don't have a big following but if you providing calls to action and sharing our voices and amplifying them changes one person, that's doing something." But, just like any other action step you're taking right now, it will only make a difference if you continue to do so — and combine it with offline support, too.

Engaging with these Black creators and continuing to amplify their work acts as a domino effect, and diversifying your timeline is one actionable way you can engage with new perspectives. From style editors to artists, these Black creators aren't just sharing valuable info, resources, and perspectives on the Black Lives Matter movement, but also offer things like outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, and product reviews you won't find anywhere else.

While this list marks a place to start, know that there are countless names in this space worth noticing and you're encouraged to continue seeking out new content creators in areas that interest you most.

Jackie Aina

Formally a U.S. Army Vet, the makeup artist and YouTuber has long been an advocate for Black women in the beauty industry. As a trusted voice both in and outside of the beauty community, Aina tackles social justice issues and makeup reviews with equal authority.

Amy Juliette Lefévre

If you aspire to a cool, minimalist look, prepare to bookmark all of Lefévre's outfits. The NYC-based model will consistently introduce you to the next cool brand you should know — and fuel your footwear dreams.

Danielle Coke

Dani Coke is an Atlanta-based artist who aims to promote justice with colorful, meaningful graphics. The-25 year-old's infectiously happy mood is carried throughout her Instagram feed, which she uses to share many of her designs. Prints of her art fly off the shelves, so sign up for shop updates at ohhappydani.com.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Nichols is a poet and artist who using her timeline to share her colorful, often abstract work. The artist also uses her music, blog, and podcast to delve into deeper conversations such as anxiety, fear, and perfectionism. You can also find her artwork for sale at Garden24.

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo

The attorney, media personality, and co-host of MTV's Ghosted was the first Black lead in the 13th season of ABC's The Bachelorette. You can follow her on Instagram for a mix of outfit and lifestyle pics, then check out her writing and Bachelor Nation podcast, too.

Alissa Ashley

If the beauty guru's two-million-plus YouTube subscribers isn't enough of an indication, Ashley's tutorials are worth tuning in to. Her discussions on brands, product reviews, and non-beauty aspects of her lifestyle make her a breath of fresh air.

Candace Marie

In addition to being Prada's Social Media & Strategy Coordinator, Candace Marie is an advocate for minority creatives in the luxury digital space. Her personal page is bursting with next-season fashion, brands you should know, and a good amount of get-her-look beauty secrets and tutorials.

Danielle Prescod

Not only is Danielle Prescod the Style Director at BET, she's worked as a fashion editor for over a decade and co-manages a style Instagram with her sister Gabby, The Prescod Sisters. Prescod covers style and wellness, and advocates for equal representation for Black women in fashion.

Kellie Brown

Brown is a brand consultant, content creator, and the founder of online community And I Get Dressed. Her feed is full of her travels, home, and colorful outfit ideas. Brown also founded a home decor brand called AIGDHome, an enviable mix of retro and modern home style.

Kamie Crawford

Currently, Crawford is the co-host of MTV's Catfish but her personal page showcases her interesting outside of the show. With fitness inspo, outfit ideas, and behind-the-scenes moments from work all included, you'll find a variety of inspiration following her.

Shelby Hyde

Shelby Hyde is a fashion writer and editor with a cunning eye for emerging fashion brands and trends. In addition to documenting her favorite outfits and pup Maximus, her product reviews like #NewShoeSundays are a can't-miss. You can find her recent work on TZR here.

Chrissy Rutherford

The fashion writer's posts are a sleek and stylish display but it's her fearlessness to address important issues that makes Chrissy a must-know in this space. The Contributing Editor to Harper Bazaar also recently shared her top picks of black creators to follow, you can find the list here.

Tahirah Hairston

Tahirah is the Fashion & Beauty Features Director at Teen Vogue, so you can bet that her shares are trend-setting to say the least. Keep up with the latest in news, the biggest things in entertainment, and conscious fashion like inclusion and sustainability by giving her a follow.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Cunningham's recent Instagram TV post explaining #BlackOutTuesday went viral, but the activist has long been serving the community. She is the co-founder to Campaign Zero, a co-host on the acclaimed Pod Save The People, and a contributor to MSNBC, and her Instagram feed reflects her work.

Raquel Willis

Willis is the Former Executive Editor at Out Magazine as well as a national organizer for the Transgender Law Center, which aids in the protection of trans and gender nonconforming people's rights. Her upcoming book The Risk It Takes To Bloom is a collection exploring the current state of Black Trans identity and will be out soon.

Alisha Ricki

The beauty and fashion personality shares her upbeat lifestyle with beautifully curated imagery. Ricki is also the co-founder of clean skincare brand Kanti that just launched its new Likuid Gold facial oil, a blend of the super ingredient pure baobab oil and 24k gold flakes for a luxurious glow. And if beauty isn't her thing, know her page also offers major outfit inspiration.

Nikki Ogunnaike

Ogunnaike is the Deputy Fashion Director at GQ so it's no surprise her personal style is distinct and noteworthy. As a deeply respected editor, she was recently recognized in Okay Africa's 100 Women which honors "novelists, media mavens, historians ... laying the groundwork for other women to follow." In addition to her work in media, Ogunnaike is also an avid runner who often posts her very enviable mile times.

Kalysse Anthony

The model and actor shares her clean-lined aesthetic filled with ahead-of-the-trend fashion, copy-worthy beauty inspo, and a keen eye for decor — all occasionally sprinkled with some mood-lifting videos.

Dylan Ali

You'll come for her ahead-of-the-curve fashion and stay for her killer music. The traveling DJ and Actor consistently strings together outfits that you'll bookmark for future inspiration. You can find her mixes here.

Haile Thomas

If you're looking for healthy recipes, hit follow on Haile Thomas. The activist and health guru shares posts on veganism, social justice, self-care, and even has a plant-based cookbook entitled Living Lively that you can pre-order here.

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