7 Tips For Spring-Cleaning Your Closet

A new season is upon us, and we’re ecstatic about swapping out our cold-weather layers in favor of fresh, lightweight finds. Thus, it’s the perfect time to organize your closet, which can be harder than it sounds. To ensure success, first consider your goals: streamlining, storing winter items and incorporating a system to keep your spring wardrobe neat and accessible. Here, seven key steps guaranteed to make the whole process easier and more bearable.


Spring Awakening

Before you start, purchase good-quality hangers that are thin but durable, such as huggable velvet options. These will instantly increase the amount of space in your closet and ensure your clothes stay in good condition (read: no tugging or stretching of fabric). It's a worthwhile investment. Make sure to use the same type for all your clothes.

Detox your wardrobe by gathering everything you haven't worn in the past six months or that you just don't love anymore, then using the three-pile rule: toss, sell or donate. Discard ratty garments that are no longer wearable, sell pieces that are still fashionable and in good condition at consignment shops or online, and donate those that are no longer on-trend or of monetary value.

Now it's time to start adapting your closet for the new season. Move your lightweight wares—along with recent trend purchases for spring—toward the front as you transfer heavy winter outerwear and oversize layers to the back. Also keep transitional items like thin knits and tees at the front so they're easily accessible.

From there, pick an effective arrangement that works for you, whether that means coordinating everything by color or garment type. To downsize and implement more space, fold sweaters, roll tees and stack denim. Everything else? Hang it.

Accessories can take up a lot of room. Think of new ways to organize and store your shoes, bags, scarves and hats so they're not just left as clutter—keep them in dust bags or containers with labels or photos so you can quickly identify and grab what you want.

With all those items, closets and drawers are bound to get dirty and dusty. Wipe down every surface and make sure to disinfect!

Rather than thinking of spring cleaning as a chore that needs to completed in a rush, opt to take your time. Break down this major organization project into individual challenges either over a few days or per week to avoid getting overwhelmed. Do it on a weekend or whenever you have a chunk of downtime, with music or Netflix playing in the background—and perhaps a glass of wine in hand—to make it fun.