45 Work From Home Outfits From Fashion Designers Who Set All The Trends

Dressing for work now looks vastly different than it did just over a month ago. The pieces that were once office staples — heels for one — probably haven't seen the light of day since the beginning of March. And as weeks are going by, the early novelty of waking up and throwing on cozy sweats may have lost some appeal. So, if you're looking to stray away from your stained tees and old lounge pants, turn to the ladies who are behind the chicest pieces hanging in your closet for an inspirational refresh. As fashion designers work from home, their outfits can guide you towards new trends and cozy ideas you may not have thought of just yet.

Of course, many of these designers are bringing their creative aesthetic to their WFH uniforms. Take Mara Hoffman, who has been wearing her Resort Wear from the comfort of her couch. Plus, a slew of these women are showing that dressing up is not only okay while isolated, it's encouraged. For instance, Dannijo's Danielle Snyder's go-to slip dress with slippers, and Loveshackfancy's Rebecca Hessel Cohen lunchtime gown. But, that's not to say sweats aren't a staple in designer's WHF getups, too. Some dress the loungewear up, and others opt for pairing the piece with an equally laidback top.

Ready to see plenty of inspiring WFH outfits courtesy of *all* the coolest of-the-moment designers? You'll have a full collection of stylish ideas to copy by the time you reach the bottom — guaranteed.

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Designer WFH Outfit: Simonett Pereira, Simonett

Simonett Pereira

Designers are just like us! Meaning, comfy essentials are a staple in their at-home ensembles, too. "My WFH uniform consists of sweats on most days. My favorite right now are by Zizi Donohoe and Entire World," Simonett Pereira, founder and creative director of Simonett, tells TZR. But, her own pieces are what she reaches for on days when she wants to dress up. "I will say though, I've been wearing our Tigra Tigra Clamp Dye Serpentine Dress whenever I'm in need of a mood lifter. It's one of my favorite pieces at the Simonett store."

Designer WFH Outfit: Yara Flinn, Nomia

Yara Flinn

Some designers find that they haven't changed up their looks too much after making the switching working from home. "My work from home uniform is not much different from my real work uniform, since we have a pretty casual studio," Yara Flinn, designer of Nomia, tells TZR. Comfort is a top priority for this New York- based designer. "Working from a sofa calls for the most comfortable fabrics, and this knit outfit is perfect for sprawling out but looking presentable enough for Zoom calls and other activities. I wore these knit culottes before and throughout my pregnancy and they were so comfortable and lightweight."

Designer WFH Outfit: Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Loveshackfancy

Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Loveshackfancy's designer opts for elegance when it comes to her daily outfits. "These days I'm wearing all of our new house dresses, they are super comfy cotton dresses to lounge around the house in, "Rebecca Hessel Cohen, founder and creative director of Loveshackfancy, tells TZR. "I even get dressed up to go to the kitchen!"

Designer WFH Outfit: Elann Zelie, ZELIE FOR SHE

Elann Zelie

Elann Zelie prioritizes effortless dressing when coming up with a WHF outfit. "Anything that is easy to throw on," Zelie, the founder and designer of ZELIE FOR SHE, tells TZR about her daily look. "I'm obsessed with robes, so I've been wearing my latest robe and short set. It keeps me comfy and inspired at the same time!" Oh, and she confesses to skipping a bra most days.

Designer WFH Outfit: Svitlana Bevza, Bevza

Svitlana Bevza

The designer behind Bevza steals her WFH attire from her spouse. "I often wear my husband’s shirt and yoga leggings. It’s comfortable and white, which is my favorite color ever," Svitlana Bevza tells TZR. "All my husband’s shirts are bespoke made pieces in Bevza atelier. He’s two meters tall, so it’s not easy to buy for his height."

Designer WFH Outfit: Kara Jubin, KKCo

Kara Jubin

You'd be hard-pressed to miss a tie-dye piece while scrolling through IG the last few weeks, and some might have been made by this designer. "Working from home means I can experiment, so today I am mixing tie-dyes," Kara Jubin, founder and designer of KkCo, tells TZR. "I’m wearing the KkCo Pierced Crewneck Sweatshirt in 7420c Tie-Dye over a Brain Dead tee, the KkCo Camp Shorts in Earth Tie-Dye, and Ganni socks. No shoes today."

Designer WFH Outfit: Felisha Noel, Fe Noel

Felisha Noel

Robes are appropriate for a cozy WFH ensemble, especially when dressed up with a statement slide. "My work from home uniform has been alternating between my oversized button up shirt and the Fe Noel printed robes with Nike shorts and Hanes tanks," Felisha Noel, CEO and designer of Fe Noel, tells TZR.

Designer WFH Outfit: Susan Korn, Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra

Despite her glitzy handmade beaded pieces, Susan Korn's WHF outfit formulas consists of laidback essentials. "I've been wearing the same three pairs of sweatpants and a slew of tattered sweatshirts for five weeks straight," Susan Korn, founder and designer of Susan Alexandra, tells TZR. "I wear one pair of shoes, my Nike's that slip on, and a leopard fur jacket to go on walks with the dog, but besides that, barefoot."

Designer WFH Outfit: Lyndsey Butler, Veda

Lyndsey Butler

For more reasons than one, feeling snug is keeping Lyndsey Butler at ease. "Being comfortable is super important to me right now for lots of reasons, like the state of the world and how much time I spend on my couch, but mainly because I'm growing more pregnant by the day, so my relationship with elastic waistbands has never been more important," Butler, CEO and creative director of Veda, tells TZR. "I'm pretty much wearing sweatpants or a version of them everyday, and then I've been pairing them with an oversized button down top which makes me feel a little more put-together."

Designer WFH Outfit: Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada

Hillary Taymour

Wearing bright, printed apparel is how Hillary Taymour boosts her mood for the day. "I typically wear a funky Collina Strada pant and sweatshirt," Hillary Taymour, founder and designer of Collina Strada. "I just want to be comfortable, and all I want to wear is color to brighten up the mood and be fun!"

Designer WFH Outfit: Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung, YanYan

Phyllis Chan and Suzzie Chung

The duo behind YanYan admit their WFH uniforms are pretty similar to before. "We dress pretty casual in general, whether at home or at the studio, so not much has changed," Phyliss Chan, co-founder and designer of YanYan tells TZR. "When Suzzie’s not wearing YanYan, she’s usually wearing bike shorts, and oversized tee, mini dresses, or oversized vintage sweaters," Chan explains. "I usually wear YanYan tops, a vintage men's shirt, or a comfy tee with jeans. The jeans make me feel like I’m ‘working’."

Designer WFH Outfit: Danielle Snyder, Dannijo

Danielle Snyder

Dannijo's Danielle Snyder continues to wear an elevated slip dress at home, even in bed. "I wear a Dannijo slip and our neckparty with slippers," Danielle Snyder, co-founder and creative director of Dannijo, tells TZR. "Getting dressed lifts my mood and the slip dresses are comfortable and easy to throw on." And when she's fitting in a Boxerina.fit workout, she'll slide on her Splits59 workout gear.

Designer WFH Outfit: Danica Zheng, DANZ New York

Danica Zheng

While she's working on the couch next to her pup, Danica Zheng strives to be both comfortable and cute. "An asymmetric cropped top from DANZ with sweats or yoga pants," Danica Zheng, designer of DANZ New York, tells TZR of her typical WFH outfit. "And if I absolutely need to, I throw a suit jacket over the top." Her tops make her feel dressed up, but are still cozy enough to lay around in. "The cropped tops are perfectly comfortable for lounging and layering but also makes me feel put together enough to get into that work mode."

Designer WFH Outfit: Charlotte Jennings, Frisson Knits

Charlotte Jennings

Charlotte Frisson has been incorporating comfy jeans into the mix. "My at home uniform for the most part has been sweats but I have really been working some more of my baggy jeans in the past couple of days," Charlotte Jennings, founder and designer of Frisson Knits, tells TZR. Of course, her knits are the perfect WFH top to snuggle up in. "I have two knits that I alternate between the Becca in silver and my new multi and I also always have one my trusty slippers."

Designer WFH Outfit: Emma Mulholland, Holiday The Label

Emma Mulholland

"It's cooling down a little in Australia at the moment so I pretty much wear my Holiday Kokomo pants with a tee and sweater each day," Emma Mulholland, designer of Holiday The Label, tells TZR. "The pants are comfortable enough to wear all day while still making you feel a little put together." And she likes to support other labels, too. "For tees I like vintage or Baserange. Also, I wear Araks bras most days as they are so comfortable and cute, and I always use my Threadgate tote bag anytime I'm going to get things from the shops or to send out deliveries as its the perfect size."

Designer WFH Outfit: Casey Larkin Blond, Mr. Larkin

Casey Larkin Blond

In some locations, designers have to dress for the chilly weather. "In Copenhagen it’s still quite cold out, but the days are longer and filled with sunshine," Casey Larkin Blond, designer of Mr. Larkin, tells TZR. "From the inside it feels like it’s a summer day, but it's actually freezing outside, so staying home has allowed me to enjoy all of my spring dresses warmly inside during this time." When she feels like wearing something luxe, she opts for a dress in her line. "Lately I've been throwing on my Mr. Larkin Olive Dress. It's a bit more special, but still comfortable, so it makes me feel better than just wearing sweats."

Designer WFH Outfit: Nicole Saldana

Nicole Saldana

Shoe designer Nicole Saldana tends to lean toward minimal pieces. "My work from home uniform is typically a navy turtleneck or my comfy fleece snap cardigan from agnès b, and a pair of fitted sweats or black yoga pants," Nicole Saldana, founder and designer of Nicole Saldana, tells TZR. "I would say the item I wear everyday would definitely be a pair of comfy socks. My favs are the recycled cotton socks from Muji or a luxe pair from Comme Si."

Designer WFH Outfit: Sade Mims, Edas

Sade Mims

Sade Mims has a fairly consistent WHF look. "I'm either dressed from the waist up, wearing a loose blouse or an oversized button down, accompanied by underwear or biker shorts below," Sade Mims, founder and designer of Edas, tells TZR. Feeling good is important to this Brooklyn-based designer. "I'm also experimenting with maxi dresses as they allow me the freedom to sit however, but are still chic enough for me to feel my most beautiful self. My must- haves recently are a pair of cool earrings, and a lipstick or lipgloss of my choice. Each of these items are influenced by my mood that day."

Designer WFH Outfit: Chelsea Hansford, Simon Miller

Chelsea Hansford

Rib pieces are blowing up at the moment, and Chelsea Hansford finds the material to be ideal for home. "I am so grateful we launched RIB by SIMON MILLER for Resort 2021, it’s the PERFECT work from home wardrobe," the CEO and creative director of Simon Miller tells TZR. And the brand's slip-on sandals are what Hansford slides on most days. "Alongside my RIB, I wear my Dip Slides around the house almost every day. They are comfy, chunky, and make me feel like I am still getting dressed for work."

Designer WFH Outfit: Mara Hoffman, Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman

Ready to switch things up? How about a WFH piece you might not have thought of yet: a cover-up. "Recently, I have been wearing our cover-ups in place of pajamas," designer Mara Hoffman tells TZR. "They’re comfortable, easy to throw on, and I feel like I’m dressing up."

Designer WFH Outfit: Wannasiri Kongman, BOYY Boutique

Wannasiri Kongman

Wannasiri Kongman is making the most out of her wardrobe in unfortunate circumstances. "Since I’ve been 'stuck' abroad during this time, I’ve been living out of my suitcase so choices have been limited to say the least," Wannasiri Kongman, co-founder and designer of Boyy Boutique, tells TZR. She's doing her best to stay equally warm and stylish in Montreal's cold temps. "I’m wearing an old Celine shirt, these silky fisherman pants that remind me of home, my pair of BOYY puffy platforms, and an old Celine cashmere sweater."

Designer WFH Outfit: Anina Heé, Refine

Anina Heé

Former Net-a-Porter editor Anina Heé launched Refine in 2019, and has been wearing its lavish silk pieces while working from home. "I see myself gravitating towards softer pieces," she tells TZR. "I am swapping jeans for fluid silk skirts and structured blazers for cozy sweaters and cardigans." And practicality is the focus of her personal style. "Comfort has always been the base of all my outfits," Heé notes. "I am a very practical dresser so my working from home uniform isn't too different from what I used to wear before the pandemic."

Designer WFH Outfit: Ashley Cimone, ASHYA

Ashley Cimone

New York-based handbag designer Ashley Cimone aims to look chic for her virtual interactions, but doesn't comprise style for comfort. "I'm of course going for comfort on a daily basis since I'm working from my dining room table," Ashley Cimone, co-founder and creative director of ASHYA, tells TZR. "I'll often try to wear something presentable up top that can be cute for Zoom meetings or hangouts with friends after hours. This fuzzy skirt that I bought in my neighborhood has been on repeat all month, and this Asai sheer top is a favorite of mine and keeps me feeling like myself," Cimone explains. Her bags are also essential to have close by while she's at home. "Hanging on the doorknob behind me is the ASHYA Cedar Valley Multi in Green Viper, and on the dresser to my side is the Silver Passport Book."

Designer WFH Outfit: Maggie Marilyn, Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn's line has been essential for the designer while braving the chilly weather. "I have been living in our new Somewhere line," Maggie Marilyn, designer of Maggie Marilyn, tells TZR. "It's fall here in New Zealand so it is starting to get a little cooler, and our merino layers are perfect for in-between season."

Designer WFH Outfit: Jessie Andrews, Bagatiba, Jeu Illimite, & Basic Swim

Jessie Andrews

LA-based creative Jessie Andrews opts for full-on comfort while getting her work done. "I like to stick with a set of sweats for the week," the designer of Bagatiba, Jeu Illimite, & Basic Swim, tells TZR. And she swaps out her bra for something more roomy. "Currently I'm wearing a vintage Nike Pullover, Aimé Leon Dore sweats pants, and a Basic Swim swimsuit top underneath instead of a bra." Her jewelry adds a touch of elegance to her sweat-suit look. "I’m always in a piece of Bagatiba jewelry. Lately I’ve been wearing my “J” letter block necklace or an Orb Ring."

Designer WFH Outfit: Anifa Mvuemba, Hanifa

Anifa Mvuemba

Anifa Mvuemba likes to keep her look rather low-key. "My go-to work from home outfit is shorts, a tee, and my favorite cardigan," Anifa Mvuemba, founder and designer of Hanifa, tells TZR. She finishes off her look with one of the coziest pieces she owns. "I wear Miya almost everyday, it’s like wearing a blanket. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards comfort over everything."

Designer WFH Outfit: Julia Toledano, Nodaleto

Julia Toledano

For some designers, sticking to their usual regimen is key. "I can't work without being dressed and showered," Julia Toledano, co-founder and designer of Nodaleto," tells TZR. "So, I have the same routine as normal, expect weekends of course I'm more casual." Even at home, she'll wear a pair of her ultra-chic shoes. "It's super difficult for me as a shoe designer... I'm not used to be without them so as you can see in the picture, I love to put my new shoe collection even at home and try some different looks with them."

Designer WFH Outfit: Sayana and Claudia Durany, Gimaguas

Sayana and Claudia Durany

The designers (and twin sisters) behind Gimaguas have been living in athleisure. "At home we are mostly wearing our yoga clothing to be ready for a live class in the morning or evening," Sayana Durany, co-founder and designer of Gimaguas, explains. The duo has a few staples that have been in heavy rotation during quarantine. "Mostly frequent items are Birkenstock hairy sandals with socks and our Gimaguas tie-dye hoodie."

Designer WFH Outfit: Christina Tung, SVNR

Christina Tung

Designer Christina Tung has two staples in her wardrobe that she's constantly reaching for. "I'd have to say my WFH uniform is a slip dress and some type of cardigan," the founder and designer of SVNR, tells TZR. "It's easy enough to wear all day and night, but still feels like some effort was made to get dressed."

Designer WFH Outfit: Elliss Solomon, ELLISS

Elliss Solomon

London-based designer Elliss Solomon likes to keep things interesting by switching up her looks. "My work from home uniform varies depending on my mood," says the designer of ELLISS. "Some days I wear something super comfy, like a vintage baggy tee and a pair of printed cycle shorts," Solomon explains. "I've been wearing the new "Everyone's A Winner" pair for a daily morale boost!"

Designer WFH Outfit: Jessie Randall, Loeffler Randall

Jessie Randall

Some of these women are doubling as a designer and a teacher to kids at home. "Trying to get outside each day with my kids in a safe, socially distanced way is so crucial to our physical and mental health these days," Jessie Randall, founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, notes. While she's juggling many roles, Randall chooses pieces that will keep her both snug and happy. "I’m wearing my comfy Loeffler Randall Keeley sneakers. The little bit of Leopard makes me smile and they are really cool because they are sustainably made — the outsoles are made from recycled tires."

Designer WFH Outfit: Giuliana Leila Raggiani, Giu Giu

Giuliana Leila Raggiani

When she's caring for her furry friend, Giuliana Leila Raggiani, the designer of Giu Giu says knit pieces are her go-to. "Clothing wise, if I have to step outside to walk my puppy, I usually go monochrome with my Bandaid NONNA Pants and matching hoody," she explains. "I feel balanced and neutral in it."

Designer WFH Outfit: Marie Dewet, Maison Cléo

Marie Dewet

Marie Dewet tends to dress up for her workday. "Everyday I wear a pair of vintage Levi 501 and a different Maison Cléo blouse, as my mother luckily gave me an important part of our samples before the quarantine," The co-founder and designer of Maison Cléo notes. "This is our Angèle blouse, available to order on Wednesdays only."

Designer WFH Outfit: Wei Lin, Ph5

Wei Lin

Ph5's designer has been testing out its upcoming activewear line while at home. "Most days I wear our new activewear line — a sports bra and a pair of leggings," Wei Lin, founder and designer of Ph5, tells TZR. "We are launching our first ever activewear collection in June, and this is the perfect time for me to do as much product testing as I can."

Designer WFH Outfit: Alison Chemla, Alison Lou

Alison Chemla

Alison Chemla, the designer of Alison Lou wears both her own pieces and her sister's. "I have A LOT of Leset pieces, not only because it’s my sisters brand, but because I love it," she tells TZR. "It makes me feel put together while still being comfortable and essentially wearing a sweatsuit, but much chicer." As a jewelry designer, adding some sparkle to her look is *very* crucial. "I put jewelry on everyday because it’s what makes me happy! Every morning when I wake up I put my rings and studs on, I sleep in my charm necklace that’s filled with sentimental charms of mine."

Designer WFH Outfit: Sabrina Tach, Tach Clothing

Sabrina Tach

"I live half of the year in Spain and half in Uruguay, and I was supposed to leave Uruguay one month ago, but COVID-19 cancelled my flight," Sabrina Tach, founder and designer of Tach Clothing, tells TZR. But, she's using the pieces she has with her to create her WHF outfits. Tach's go-to look consists of Tach Clothing's Lucero Sweater, vintage Levi's, and Birkenstocks with socks.

Designer WFH Outfit: Katie Kolodinski, Silk Laundry

Katie Kolodinski

Australian designer Katie Kolodinski, the creative director and of Silk Laundry, has one piece she wears *every* single day: a '90s slip dress. "Even if a day goes by that I wear something else, in a 24 hour period, a block of that time is spent in a slip dress as I wear the older prints and colors to sleep in." The other part of her uniform is her rings, she adds.

Designer WFH Outfit: Kim Shui, Kim Shui

Kim Shui

For a one-and-done look, designer Kim Shui opts for a set. "I've been wearing these printed jersey sets that I made a lot because they're super stretchy and comfortable," she tells TZR.

Designer WFH Outfit: Moya Annece, ASHYA

Moya Annece

For designer Moya Annece, menswear is a must in her daily ensembles. "My go-to WFH outfit is definitely this pinstripe menswear set I randomly purchase from Muji a few years ago," the co-founder and creative director of ASHYA, tells TZR. "My comfort is essential while working from home, so this organic cotton wrap top and short set is an ideal relaxed fit and really fun to layer." And the handbag designer opts for bright colored or printed socks and Birkenstocks daily.

Designer WFH Outfit: Deborah Sams, Bassike

Deborah Sams

Bassike's Deborah Sams has had the chance to pull out lightweight pieces during isolation. "We have been lucky during this period of self-isolation, as the Autumn weather here in Sydney has been quite spectacular with warm, sunny days," Deborah Sams, co-founder and creative director of Bassike, tells TZR. "I have predominantly been living in our organic cotton jersey. It's soft, comfortable, and pre-shrunk, which means it's easy care and no ironing required.

Designer WFH Outfit: Marina Moscone, Marina Moscone

Marina Moscone

Designer Marina Moscone leans towards loose-fit pieces. "I've been wearing oversized striped shirting and shirt-dresses over really relaxed trousers," she explains. "I've been wearing my Marina Moscone Frances flats everyday because they feel like slippers. It's very me and to be honest, it's not much different than what I wear to the office."

Designer WFH Outfit: Aurora James, Brother Vellies

Aurora James

A good pair of socks is what Aurora James puts on daily. "Yes, my Cloud Socks have been the only constant in my wardrobe during this time," says the founder and creative director of Brother Vellies. "I also really love choosing a color to start with first and then building my work from home outfit from there. But I’ve always been a sucker for a comfortable sock!"

Designer WFH Outfit: Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni

Ditte Reffstrup

Ganni's creative director has been branching away from working in her pajamas. "At first I was wearing my PJ’s all day everyday, but then I realized it was giving me the Sunday blues, so I have really been making an effort and dressing up much more than I usually do," Ditte Reffstrup explains. "I’m loving our silk print dresses and and our strappy flat shoes. It's a novelty for me to wear nice shoes as I am usually biking everywhere."

Designer WFH Outfit: Danielle Guizio, Danielle Guizio

Danielle Guizio

Designer Danielle Guizio finds that being cozy helps her to concentrate. "Usually in the office, I feel better when I'm dressed up but when I'm comfortable, my focus is definitely stronger," the owner and designer of her eponymous label tells TZR. "I've been wearing a lot of tie-dye too just to keep things fun and I'll add in earrings or jewelry if I'm feeling spicy." Unsurprisingly, the piece she's been wearing most often is sweats in her collection. "I've been mostly wearing my DG Fleece Logo Sweatpants because they're super soft and white so they match with everything, and yes, I still somewhat match in the house even though no one sees my but my boyfriend."

Designer WFH Outfit: Salone Monet, Salone Monet

Salone Monet

Polished sandals make this shoe designer feel ready to take on the day. "I'm always wearing a pair of satin BB Balenciaga slides when I work from home," Salone Malone, founder and designer of Salone Monet, tells TZR. "Though they are sandals I've appointed them slippers.They're comfortable enough to wear indoors and perfect for picking up packages and Postmates from the lobby. Shoes are the only part of an outfit you can see entirely without a mirror so having something special on my feet makes me feel good no matter what else I'm wearing."