These Celeb-Approved Hairstyles Are The Easiest Way To Postpone Wash Day


Everyone knows the struggle: Your week-old wash n' go has seen better days, or that sleek blowout just isn't the Beyoncé-inspired masterpiece it once was. The magical self-care remedy that is wash day serves as the most reliable option, but your jam-packed schedule has other plans. Despite a deep-conditioning treatment's ability to refresh curls and rejuvenate the soul, the intensive, time-consuming endeavor isn't always in the cards, and you're sometimes forced to put together a quick hairstyle to postpone wash day.

Thankfully, there are a few sneaky styling tricks that make this difficult time a whole lot easier. In an effort to save you time while preventing hair-induced breakdowns mid-week, The Zoe Report went digging through Instagram, uncovering a handful of lifesaving styles along the way. Ahead, four celebrity-approved hairstyles that will never replace wash day, but will cover for you until you make it to self-care Sunday.

Top Knot

Regardless of your hair texture, the classic top knot is a no-fail alternative to actually washing your hair. A bun swept atop the head has the ability to look intentionally messy, hiding the fact that you pressed snooze five times. As proven by Joan Smalls' sophisticated twist, the hairstyle looks more polished with laid edges. So if you've got an extra five minutes on your hands, grab a high-hold gel and swoop down your baby hairs to really deceive the world into thinking you had time this A.M.

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Multi Buns

If a messy high bun is the holy grail lazy-day hairstyle, multiple buns are the elevated update when you've got places to be, and it doesn't require much extra effort to achieve. Tracee Ellis Ross created this playful look all on her own while attending the Schiaparelli Couture show in Paris, accenting her plush fuchsia gown with four loose buns, showcasing her radiant, dewy complexion. Part hair into sections, then twist and secure to channel the romantic look. Leave a few curly tendrils hanging down for extra idyllic vibes.

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Slicked Low Bun

Ah, the low slick-back. This go-to favorite seems to be the most deceiving of all, with the ability to read put together in a matter of moments. After parting hair, slick it down with a wet brush and secure your bun, then throw on a pair of statement earrings as seen below. Everyone can relate to Yara's "is it Friday yet?" expression, but her curls certainly don't look tired!

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Sneaky Headwear

When you're seriously pressed for time, the no-fail savior is a statement hair accessory. Save yourself the headache by having chic hats, scarves, and headbands on hand for the most manic of Mondays. Jasmine Tookes has the right idea with this lightweight, polka-dot style, which she's wrapped all the way around to serve Jackie O vibes.

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