Your Most Stylish Friend Has This Necklace On Her Wish List

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Unlike clothing or a pair of shoes, a woman might wear her favorite piece of jewelry every single day. It's personal and emotional, and if you calculate its cost-per-wear, even pricier jewelry makes plenty of sense from a budgeting standpoint, too. Which is why now that the end of year is in your sightline and you're scrambling to check off your long list of recipients, 2020's buzziest jewelry trends make for exceptionally good gifts. Not only are these styles universally beloved, they're actually wearable for more than just a dress-up occasion, they work for every day.

"For fall and winter, we're expecting to see a lot of modular jewelry with variable styling potential," explains Jess Hannah, founder of minimalist jewelry line J.Hannah. "Special charms that you can mix and match on a chain, or add to a drop earring for some asymmetry." These highly customizable styles are ideal because they allow the wearer to tailor it to their own liking, with the potential to change it from day to day. If you still aren't sure what would be the best fit, try an iteration of current trends with a more timeless appeal. "For gifting I always go for pendant necklaces," Fiona Morrison, founder of Wolf Circus tells TZR. "You can skip over guessing ring sizes and any ear sensitivities. Plus, pendants are so easy for them to layer with their current favorites."

For more advice in finding the perfect piece to gift, ahead see four jewelry trends experts recommend this season.

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Jewelry Trend To Gift: Jewelry With Charms

2020 has seen the return of many '00s styles, including statement-making charms. "Nostalgia is always trending, and people love the idea of getting to build something that feels personal," Kerrilyn Gibson, sales manager at Bing Bang NYC, tells TZR. According to Eliza Higgins, co-founder of bold jewelry line Brinker & Eliza, these cheerful and often kitschy styles make for a fun gift — whether it be something eye-catching or daintier options even a minimalist will be into.

Jewelry Trend To Gift: Ear Cuffs

If you're gifting for someone who loves the idea of piercings, but hates the pain (or suffers metal allergies), an ear cuff is a low-pressure alternative. "I think we'll continue to see cool combination of small earrings with people that have multiple piercings, or for people that don't have multiple piercings or wish they did, a cool ear cuff, no piercing required," says Ann Co, creative director and designer of Liven Co. A cuff can be easily moved around and layered with existing piercings in a number of cool ways. Try a trendier multi-color or pearl style, or keep it classic with a simple gold band.

Jewelry Trend To Gift: Personalized Jewelry

If you're looking for a piece that's simple but feels purposeful, customization is the way to go. "People love to feel like the pieces in their jewelry collection are uniquely theirs, and that they show off some facet of their personality," Gibson explains. "So if you're looking to truly personalize, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a custom nameplate." If you don't want to carve their full name, consider just their initials or letter of their first name. Or, customize it with something they love (like naps, seen here), or their zodiac sign.

Jewelry Trend To Gift: Quirky Pearl Jewelry

"Pearls are always around, but over the past few years, they've gotten more and more playful," Higgins explains. For a more modern, youthful approach, look for designs that incorporate other stones or non-traditional shapes. The result is delicate, but entirely unstuffy.

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