30 Holiday Gifts For Every Type Of Beauty Lover


In theory, finding a beauty gift is easy: Just do a quick search on Amazon or Sephora, and you’re basically scrolling the complete inventory of lipsticks, lotions, and perfumes from the North Pole. But whittling down the zillions of options to find a truly memorable beauty gift under $100 requires a little more research. You might have a friend who's into face masks rather than makeup... or your significant other, who's always stealing your fancy facial moisturizer. Either way, being named the world’s best gift-giver doesn’t have to mean stressing out over the most minute details.

Dozens of your favorite beauty brands — including La Mer, MAC Cosmetics, Tom Ford, Rodin, and Amika — have dressed up their all-time favorite products in limited-edition packaging, offering a special spin on the lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, facial oils, hot tools, and other goods that you reach for all year long. And trust me: the blink-and-miss-it collections are definitely worth celebrating all on their own.

Whether you're the one wrapping it up or tearing it open, these beauty gift ideas are sure to impress... and since many of them are so affordable, it's totally worth doubling (or tripling) up and splurging on yourself. I won't tell. Promise.