The $80 Ugg Sandals Solange Franklin Swears By While Working From Home

Rachael Wang

These days, a celeb running errands or a photo shoot done via Zoom are the closest things come to a high-fashion moment. And stylists, those who operate behind the scenes of the fashion industry are resetting the ways they operate. Over the last month, Hailey Bieber's stylist Maeve Reilly has highlighted the contrast, sharing the model's 2019 Met Gala look, a backless Alexander Wang gown, alongside iPhone outtakes from what would have been Bieber's Coachella looks this year, worn only at home in a closet. As stylists work from home, their outfits have also undergone a transformation. And, since unsurprisingly, their personal style is just as noteworthy as the creations they bring to life through their work, they're an ideal source for practical (and obviously, fashionable) looks to re-inspire you.

Like you, many stylists turned to comfortable staples like sweats during the early stages of quarantine, however, they're finding creative ways to make at-home dressing their own. Some are pulling out sleek blazers and dreamy dresses from their closets. And even if they are still opting for PJs and cozy sweatpants, they're lounging around in the most fashion-forward iterations. After all, these stylists always know the coolest brands and best of-the-moment pieces, it's all part of the job. With that being said, below find WFH looks from 29 stylists to try out at home. You'll be an expert yourself by the time you reach the bottom.

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Stylist WFH Outfit: Maeve Reilly

Maeve Reilly

Maeve Reilly prioritizes comfort when she's working from home. "I'm currently living in sweats and lounge wear," Reilly, celebrity stylist whose clients include Hailey Bieber and Ciara, tells TZR. And jeans are not part of her WFH lineup. "I can't even imagine putting on jeans right now! I really just want to be as comfortable as possible." She says she's loving the Skims Cozy Collection, and also wearing a lot of Joah Brown crop tops and Livin Cool sweatpants.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Karla Welch

Karla Welch

Karla Welch keeps it laidback during the week. "Well, I’m all about the comfort these days," Welch, celebrity stylist who works with Tracee Ellis Ross and Olivia Wilde, explains. "Vintage sweatshirts, Dries Van Noten pants, Birkenstocks, and comfy socks." But for the weekends, she likes to take things up a notch. "Fridays I go for it and put on a dress!"

Stylist WFH Outfit: Solange Franklin

Solange Franklin

"My shelter in place uniform has been very ‘jazzercise' working girl," Solange Franklin, celebrity and editorial stylist, who works with Solange Knowles and on publications such as Vogue Mexico and Elle UK, explains. "A trench always makes me feel like I’m handling business. I pair it with treaded slippers so I can dash out to chase the sun for a quick walk around the block while fully covering my yoga-at-the-drop-of-a-hat second [leopard] skin."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Rachael Wang

Rachael Wang

For Rachael Wang, wearing nostalgic pieces is helping her feel at ease during this uncertain time. "I've found comfort in wearing the things I've built memories with over the years," Wang, editorial and commercial stylist who works with brands like Mara Hoffman and Nafsika Skourti, tells TZR. "Most days I wear a favorite pair of vintage Levi's and a well-loved t-shirt. These things help me to feel more like myself, more 'normal' at a time when normalcy seems like a distant memory. I've been acclimatizing to a deeper level of utilitarian dressing as I've discovered an honesty in what it really means to dress for myself."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Jamie Mizrahi

Jamie Mizrahi

Jamie Mizrahi's WFH involves a few key items in her wardrobe. "Mostly house dresses or Free City sweatpants with a Kit Undergarments bodysuit," Mizrahi, celebrity stylist who works with Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba, tells TZR on her go-to looks. The items she wears most often are her Kit Undergarments, boy briefs, and pullover triangle bra.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Samantha Burkhart

Samantha Burkhart

Samantha Burkhart, celebrity stylist, is trying to keep things as normal as possible with her dressing. "My work from home uniform is almost identical to what I wear to work normally with the exception that instead of sneakers I'm in slippers," the stylist, whose clients include Billie Eilish and Katy Perry, tells TZR. "As a stylist, I work long, unpredictable hours in a variety of locations and conditions. This can go from being high up a ladder in a costume house to a 4am night shoot in the freezing desert." Since she strives to be both stylish and comfortable, she mostly wears monochromatic sweatsuits, baseball hats, and sneakers. "I absolutely love London designer Ashley Williams's playful sweatsuit sets, I think I own all of them, and also pieces from Los Angeles brand Lefthand."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Ashby Vose

Ashby Vose

"I started out quarantine like a lot of us — living in my sweatpants," Ashby Vose, stylist and Head of Brand at Ori, explains. However, she says that sweatpants got old pretty fast. "I got to the point where I began tie-dying tons of my clothes, starting with my sweats because I was craving a reason to wear something different." While she's hopping on a Zoom call, she likes to be comfortable, and for her that means going completely pants-less. "Which is why my French Terry Midi Dress from Ori makes for the perfect WFH outfit! It is totally chic and twirl-worthy but it is also comfy enough to nap in."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Ade Samuel

Ade Samuel

Ade Samuel likes to pull out her chicest PJs while working from home. "While at home, I typically love to be in loungewear, for me, it's all about an oversized t-shirt, silk pajamas, or a caftan," Samuel, celebrity stylist who works with Justine Skye and Michael B. Jordan, tells TZR. She says that the Morgan Lane set that she has on above has been worn very often. "I love how easy, yet still sexy it makes me feel. The days during quarantine have been meshing into each other frequently, so I love having a look that can easily go from loungewear at home to a quick ready-to-wear look for running quick errands. It makes my outfit decisions much easier during these days."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Micaela Erlanger

Micaela Erlanger

Celebrity and bridal stylist Micaela Erlanger has chosen to still dress up, even while at home. "I love a uniform and have adapted my normal jeans and blazer with ballet flats to tailored track pants and a tee with slides, or a matching set or pretty dress with slip on flats," Erlanger, who works with Lucy Hale and Lupita Nyong'o, notes. And she's gracing the social media world with her styling tips. "Since I have my ongoing Instagram series #engagewithmicaela everyday and virtual fittings, it’s important that I look relaxed, yet polished, especially from the waist up!" She says she's obsessed with a few items she ordered from Ecru, especially the track pants she's wearing above. "The best part is that everything is machine washable, and since the dry cleaners are still closed, that kind of practicality is super important!"

Stylist WFH Outfit: Sandra Amador

Sandra Amador

Some stylists found it difficult to wear "real" clothes at the beginning of quarantine. "I won’t lie, the first couple of weeks I completely lived in pajamas, baggy t-shirts and sweatpants," Amador, celebrity stylist who works closely with Lady Gaga, explains to TZR. But she decided she needed to switch things up. "I’ve since found it really beneficial to wake up every morning with my usual routine and get dressed as if I were leaving the house. My go-to is a soft knit sweater, usually a little oversized like this men’s Maison Margiela, and a pair of my favorite lived-in jeans, like these from Celine." She feels dressing this way helps to kick start her morning, and also making her more efficient throughout the day. And there's one piece she can't start her day without. "Regardless of my outfit, the one thing you can always find me wearing is a selection of jewelry."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Sissy Sainte-Marie

Sissy Sainte- Marie

This Los Angeles-based stylist is basing her WFH looks on the warm weather. "I was living in sweatpants, tight scoop-neck tops, and Crocs, but now that it’s warmer I’ve started wearing flowy elastic waist skirts and tank tops," Sissy Sainte-Marie, editorial stylist who works with brands like Vince and Rhode, tells TZR. "I usually wearing a kerchief every day because I’m using this time to grow out my bangs. Sometimes I’ll randomly throw on very high heels so I don’t forget how to walk in them."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Beverly Nguyen

Beverly Nguyen

Beverly Nguyen has a different approach to WFH dressing. "My typical work from home outfit is something I can fantasize about wearing in my dream world," Nguyen, stylist at Kate Young Studio, notes. "Normally in my job I have to dress appropriately and comfortably so I can run around on set, pick up samples, and take meetings, but since we’re in lockdown I can wear anything." The stylist says that her current personal style is inspired by menswear and many Japanese films she's watching at the moment. "There’s no reason we can’t go over the top and [for me] live out the fantasy of being in a Takeshi Kitano film!" She says she's been using her Totême silk scarf wrapped as a face mask. "It protects me and others, and that’s the most important thing at the moment."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Elizabeth Saltzman

Elizabeth Saltzman

Elizabeth Saltzman didn't anticipate her stay in Southhampton to last as long as it has. She was originally planning on going back to her home in London on March 14th. "I was not planning on a two, three, or even four month stay," Saltzman, celebrity stylist whose clients include Sandra Oh and Gwyneth Paltrow. "But I'm forever grateful that I'm lucky enough to be in our bungalow in Southampton with part of my family. My beautiful boys are with me." Luckily, she brought a few of her staples along with her. "You can ask anyone that knows me about my uniform. It's a silk white shirt, black velvet blazer by Bella Freud and Michael Kors flare pants. "I've been wearing this black velvet suit on all of my Zoom calls," Saltzman laughs about over our phone call.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Shiona Turini

Shiona Turini

"As a freelancer I’ve had a home office for years, so I’m no stranger to rolling out of bed and getting dressed just to ‘clock in’ to the room next door," Shiona Turini, freelance stylist whose worked with both Elle and Marie Claire, costume designer, and consultant, tells TZR. "As circumstances would have it, I’m still living out of my suitcase that I traveled with over fashion week. So, my temporary and very random closet ranges from full Versace looks to workout wear." She says when she wants to feel fancy, her Sleeper set takes her from the bedroom to her faux boardroom.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Ilaria Urbinati

Ilaria Urbinati

Quarantine life for Ilaria Urbinati has been quite busy. "I went from giving birth to twins into quarantine, so it's been a long time being home in comfy clothes," Urbinati, celebrity stylist who works with the likes of Nina Dobrev and Ryan Reynolds, tells TZR. "At the start of quarantine I was wearing mostly sweat sets from Splendid, Monrow, and Reformation, so I was cozy but still looked a little put together. Around the second month of quarantine I decided it was time to start getting properly dressed, while still being comfortable, so I switched into a series of Rixo flowy dresses."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Brie Welch

Brie Welch

"These days, I've been leaning heavily on a vintage pair of white Levi's 555 for its guys straight, loose-fit that feigns the comfortability of sweats, but is still semi-tailored," Brie Welch, editorial stylist whose worked on shoots for Into The Gloss and Vogue Italia, tells TZR. She's pairing her laidback Levi's with a few different tops. "Worn with a rotating potpourri of vintage tees, like this boxy Mickey Mouse one, or a classic striped button down." For jewelry, she's wearing gold Loren Stewart and Ariel Gordon chains. "Plus, my favorite pair of red Charvet slippers elevate my simple uniform, even if no-one sees them," she adds.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Marcy Guevara-Prete

Marcy Guevara-Prete

The easier, the better is the motto for stylist Marcy Guevara-Prete. "My work from home uniform is pretty much any romper or jumpsuit on the daily," Guevara-Prete, plus-size style expert, producer, and host, explains to TZR. "I love a one-and-done approach to dressing right now. I've been doing a lot of cyber styling and personal shopping for my clients at the boutique I own, The Plus Bus, and while I want to look put together for them, I want to be comfortable for me!" She loves Anthropologie's selection of jumpsuits, and is shown wearing one in the photo above.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Chloe Hill

Chloe Hill

Funky prints remain a go-to for stylist Chloe Hill. "On good days I love doubling up on print with a preppy shirt and comfy, swishy midi skirt," the editorial stylist, whose worked on projects for BOYY X My Theresa and Rixo, tells TZR. Understandably, she says she's given up on her hair and has consistency been sporting a top knot. The item she slips on daily are her cashmere socks. "I have a couple of fluoro pairs from Aussie brand Jac+Jack which are the softest, happiness inducing addition to any outfit."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Jessica Willis

Jessica Willis

Many stylists have mastered the art of perfectly mixing together both sporty and elevated pieces. "My WFH uniform consist of my Nike Pro training shorts and a sports bra as a base with a throw on, button-up shirt on top," Jessica Willis, a freelance stylist who works with Ssense and Garage Magazine, tells TZR. She's in the same situation as many, stuck in a location with a minimal wardrobe. "I came out to Los Angeles from New York over a month ago for a work trip that was supposed to be a week, prior to everything, so I’ve been quarantining here ever since with limited clothing." But with the sunny LA weather, she's been taking her Zoom calls and doing yoga on the deck with her workout clothes and playful top on.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Madison Guest

Madison Guest

Madison Guest makes sure she's feeling both comfortable and chic in her WFH attire. "My work from home uniform has been the mixing and matching of a handful of cozy pieces, but ones that feel a little elevated," Guest, celebrity stylist who works with Victoria Justice, tells TZR.. "Feeling put together puts me in a good mindset, but I still need to be comfortable when I’m home. This H&M cashmere blend hoodie has matching shorts so I can get about five or 6 outfits from that one set. It’s extremely comfortable but I don’t feel as schlubby as I do in other sweats. And scrunchies have been my BFF!"

Stylist WFH Outfit: Trine Kjær

Trine Kjær

Trine Kjær worked from home prior to quarantine, so she hasn't had to make a huge adjustment. "I always work from home so I’m pretty use to it, the only difference is that during these times I’m obviously not attending any meetings and therefore my outfits might be a bit more casual than normally," Kjær, stylist, influencer, and creative consultant, explains. "To me the perfect working from home uniform is jeans or tapered trousers, a white oversized tee and a men’s blazer. It’s comfy and cool at the same time. And she shares some expert advice with TZR. "A little extra tip: Get dressed as soon as you wake up like you were supposed to meet up somewhere — if you’re waiting too long in your pajamas you’ll end up wearing it all day."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Lucy Warren

Lucy Warren

Lucy Warren finds her WFH style to be a refreshing change. "Like everyone else I'm wearing leggings or sweats," Warren, celebrity stylist whose clients include Claire Holt and Diane Guerrero, tells TZR. "Normally I get to dress up everyday for work so dressing down and being super comfortable is a nice laid back change, it mirrors this new pace of life. I'm mostly wearing either Nike leggings or sweatpants." But, she's still sticking to pieces that align with her personal style. "I like to add a vintage item, like this cream cardigan by Vintage Workroom or a vintage tee, so it still feels like me."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Krisana Sotelo

Krisana Sotelo

Krisana Sotelo knows a thing or two on how to instantly spruce up an outfit. "To keep comfortable, I tend to wear workout clothes, such as my Nike and Adidas tops with leggings," Sotelo, celebrity and editorial stylist whose clients include Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, explains to TZR. "Then when I'm in a meeting with a client, such as Brooke Naylor, I just freshen up by putting on some fun earrings and a nicer top. I love the ease and comfort of the Equipment silk button down tops. I have them in many colors!" She *always* wears a sentimental necklace with special charms that her grandma gave her.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Sonia Young

Sonia Young

Sonia Young is keeping it equally cozy and cute in her Pjs. "I have been living in an elevated pajama world, thanks to Sleeper," Young, celebrity stylist who works with Abigail Breslin and Chloe Bennet, tells TZR. "It's the perfect mix of comfortable and chic." And she's finding ways to make do with the closure of salons. "Headbands and hair accessories have been my savior! It’s an easy way to forget the salon isn’t open."

Stylist WFH Outfit: BeBe Jones

BeBe Jones

"As of late, my stay-at-home style has been a great mixture of repurposed vintage pieces and sporty staples," BeBe Jones, stylist and writer based in Chicago, tells TZR. "Honestly, how else can you enjoy your wardrobe? So, why not be a bit extra from time to time! Also, I've had the chance to support a lot of local merchants in Chicago from makeup and hair care products to online boutiques, press-on nails, and plus friends who are now authors. This has become my silver lining during such a dark time! It's our responsibility to keep the local businesses afloat."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Cristina Ehrlich

Cristina Ehrlich

Stylist Cristina Ehrlich has a few items she keeps in heavy rotation. "My WFH uniform is mostly comprised of a lot of my coveted pieces by WARM, drawstring pants mixed with KULE, and R13 t-shirts," Ehrlich, celebrity stylist whose clients include Laura Dern and Mandy Moore, tells TZR. However, she finds herself itching to put on her most stylish pieces. "Some days you really just want to put on a dress that screams fashion and femininity, like my HVN Alexis slip dress that I pair with Margaux cashmere slippers."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Turner


Turner sticks to her typical color palette. "I wear a lot of black in my mostly neutral beige home," Turner, editorial and costume stylist who works with artists like Claire Elise Boucher (who goes by Grimes) and Lorely Rodriguez (aka Empress Of), explains. "Oddly enough I don’t stain the furniture with all the black pigment." When she's walking around her Los Angeles neighborhood, her go-to ensemble consists of an oversized Election Reform by Brendan Fowler tee or a vintage white threadbare tee from the Please and Thank You store in LA, paired with black biker shorts. At home, her style is the opposite. "I've been wearing a black Victorian goth house dress from Raquel Allegra. I highly recommend Racquel Allegra to anyone seeking a luxuriously, comfortable look." And she's been wearing a mask from La-based brand Phlemuns.

Stylist WFH Outfit: Britt Theodora

Britt Theodora

Britt Theodora strategically decides on what colors to wear. "I think we can all agree that there are many moods we are feeling during this time," Theodora, celebrity and editorial stylist who works with Barbara Palvin and Bambi Northwood-Blyth, states. "Comfort is really key to me, and I'm really passionate about wearing colors to boost your mood. I've been wearing a lot of rose-quartz pink, which emanates love and healing. And I'm wearing a lot of blues, as the color reflects protective energy."

Stylist WFH Outfit: Aimée Croysdill

Aimee Croysdill

Two-piece knit tracksuits and cotton sweats are what celebrity stylist Aimée Croysdill is wearing on repeat. For colors, she's sticking to a color palette of neutrals mixed in with black and white. "These colors make me feel put together and styled up without effort," the London-based stylist, who works with Daniel Radcliffe and Aimee Lou Wood, explains. "I’ve created a little lockdown capsule wardrobe, everything goes with each other making getting ready and feeling good easier in the morning." She wears her Jil Sander oversized sheepskin sliders daily. "They’re like an outdoor slipper and because they’re oversized, they make a basic outfit feel elevated and fun."