This '80s Necklace Trend Will Be Huge In September


Halt right there. Before you fasten yet another dainty gold chain around your neck, you may want to consider an alternative. Over the course of the last year, these delicate layering strands — usually accompanied by a small pendant or even a baroque pearl — have reigned supreme when it comes to jewelry trends. However, what fun is fashion if you don't challenge yourself to try something new from time to time? This autumn, leave your lightweight layering necklaces in the jewelry box and reach for something bolder and braver: 2019's next necklace trend is mega pendants.

This new statement style consists of a necklace (often a leather cord or thicker metal chain) accompanied by a splashy statement bauble dangling below. "I'm all about easy-to-wear, simplicity, and sophistication so throw on one standout piece and voila, you have an outfit," Ursa Major Designer Kate Jones tells TZR. Her collection includes her own take on the oversized trend, a large shell pendant, and is designed with an extra-long adjustable leather cord so you can swap back and forth between a longer necklace and a choker. "There is a casualness that comes when you break up metal with a softer element, like fabric or cord," she explains. "In doing so it also brings you a step closer to the materials that make up your clothes, making it all the easier to throw on without a ton of styling fuss."

This mixed media approach also hints at nostalgia — a nod to the statement baubles of the past — tying back to some of Fall/Winter 2019's biggest RTW trends. "[It] pays a bit of homage to the bold silver jewelry of the ’80s and early '90s that mixed metal with other materials," she explains, citing designers like Tina Chow and Patricia Von Musulin. "I always imagine these styled in a bold, but simple way that gives a similar nod to that time." She suggests wearing them with oversized blazers, bodysuits, silk slips, high-neck tees, and trousers. "Basically, anything where a slim silhouette is married with a relaxed fit."

Ahead, see how to embrace fall's mega pendant jewelry trend and shop your future favorites to stock up.

Major Logo


Shiona Turini takes a white-on-white look up a notch with her oversize Chanel-emblazoned necklace and a bright yellow blazer; a look that'll work well for the remaining months of summer.

Statement Styling

If you're stuck on how to actually style these large pendants, consider buttoning your buttons all the way to the top to showcase your necklace.

All The Layers

Just because your necklaces are getting larger doesn't mean you can't still layer them like your dainty ones, simply reach for other similarly sized baubles for a bold combination.

All Natural


To add extra oomph to this otherwise bold trend, reach for a pendant that incorporates unexpected materials, like stones or beads.

Heavy Metal

Wear your statement pendant with a sleek blouse for a well-balanced formula that doesn't need any other jewelry.

Sleek Standout

Your 9-to-5 blazer just got a cool new companion. A low-cut silhouette allows the necklace to be the focal point of your look.

Cool Chain


Accessorize a brightly-patterned blouse with a chunky gold chain and a mega pendant. Together, the two feel interesting and dynamic.

Layered Statement

Elevate your wardrobe staples — like a white shirt — with the mega pendant trend for a quick and easy outfit combination that succeeds every time. Two styles layered together is unexpected and chic.

Great Lengths

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

For the especially bold and daring at heart, find a mega pendant that's more mega than pendant. A longer necklace is an unusual alternate to the shorter styles that are big right now.