20 Pampering Beauty Gifts For The People In Your Life Who Could Use Some Chill Time

Bathing Culture
Bath salts are hands down one of the best pampering beauty gifts you can give

Take one look at beauty websites these days, and you'll notice a lot of one thing: bath products. With relaxing bath salts and bubble baths taking over retailers like Sephora, and brands like Bathing Culture and Nécessaire flooding Instagram, it seems like practically every beauty line has one goal in mind these days: to improve your wind-down routine (or at least just convince you to create one). Clearly, all signs are pointing to one thing in 2020: Humans are in need of some relaxation, and stat. And while sadly, you probably can't give your friend the gift of time, you can give them a pampering beauty gift to help them chill out at least a little bit.

And it won't be hard to find something for them, either; the selection is so good this year, the only difficulty will be not buying all these relaxation tools for yourself, too. If you're looking for something small, there are plenty of affordable stocking stuffers like Plant Apothecary's Calm Down soap, which is $12 and "scented with organic essential oils chosen according to the principles of classical aromatherapy" to help calm your mind, according to the brand.

Or, you could go all out and gift them this Aureole Cold Air Diffuser for $200; not only will it fill a home with soothing scents, but its marble body makes it look like an expensive piece of art. Whatever you choose, it's sure to make your gift recipient's year a little bit less stressful — and honestly, that's something you can't really put a price on.

Ahead, 20 pampering beauty gifts to give for those in your life who could use some chill time.

A Stylish, Cozy Robe

You can't have a spa night without a good robe to wrap yourself in, so invest in a good one like Allswell's soft, waffle-weave robe. (Bonus: It'll look great hanging in your bathroom when you're not wearing it.)

A Salve That Relieves Muscle Tension

Kind Lab's salve is made with magnesium, soothing essential oils, and full-spectrum hemp extract, which makes it an easy way to support muscles, tendons, and nerves throughout the day.

A Super-Soft Towel

You know that feeling you get when you wrap yourself in a big, soft towel at a nice hotel? That's what Havly towels feel like. The brand's products are super absorbent, large enough to feel cozy, and have a hook so you can easily hang them up when you're done using them. In other words, exactly what you need after a relaxing bath.

A Very Luxe, Very Calming Gift Set

Natureofthings' Clarity Ritual is basically the ideal way to end (or begin) a hectic day: It contains the Restorative Floral Bath to help users de-stress, the Nourishing Body Creme for the ultimate pampered feeling, and the Lucidity Powder to sharpen focus.

A Candle That Smells Like The Ultimate Spa Night

Don't have silk pajamas to slip on? Otherland's new Silk Pajamas candle will help you recreate the vibe with its mixture of crystal ginger, bergamot zest, and spiced yuzu notes.

A Sweet Treat That Also Helps You Relax

No spa night is complete without a treat, so why not make your treats work for you, too? Anyone in need of some pampering will love Lord Jones' hemp-derived CBD gumdrops — and this set contains eight boxes of them.

A Soothing Bath Soak

If you couldn't tell from its name, Bathing Culture knows a thing or two about making baths good. For gifting this year, invest in the brand's Dipsea Soak, which is made with west coast sea salts, clay, and non-psychoactive hemp-derived CBD to leave your skin silky and your mind and body at ease.

A Jade Roller For Your Body

You know that jade roller your friend is always using on her face? Now you can get one for her body, too. Esker's Allover Roller is designed to increase stimulation and reduce puffiness in the body — and also, it's just a nice way to help your body oil sink in.

A Soap That Does Double Duty

Just looking for a stocking stuffer? This calming bar soap uses "organic essential oils chosen according to the principles of classical aromatherapy," according to the brand, to help relax and calm the mind — and, it's only $12.

A Multi-Tasking Oil

Bottled in a vessel that any Instagram-loving millennial would be proud to display, this steam-distilled peppermint is the perfect do-it-all gift for the stressed out person in your life. From breath freshening to helping relieve headaches, it's a no-brainer present that's as functional as it is pretty.

An Instagram-Friendly Gift Set

If you're searching for an easy gift that's guaranteed to please, opt for a set of cult favorites from Nécessaire to seriously upgrade someone's bath or shower routine.

A Silky Trio To Help You Sleep

I've tried many a sleeping mask in my life, but I never loved one until I tried Lunya's. It not only blocks out light, but it also helps muffle noise and actually stays on my head without damaging my hair. Paired with the silk pillowcase and scrunchie, it would be the perfect end to any at-home spa night.

A Pretty Hand Balm

Even something as simple as putting on a little hand cream can add a calming sense of ritual to your day. Make the gift even better by giving one that looks as good as it smells, like this balm from Haeckels.

A Natural Night-Cap

Need a finishing touch to your spa-night gift set? Complete it with The Beauty Chef's Sleep Inner Beauty Powder, which is designed to soothe nerves and deepen sleep with ingredients like sour cherry, lemon balm, and passionflower.

A Moisturizing Face Mask

It's not truly pampering unless there's a face mask involved, so make sure your gift recipient has one like this hydrating one from Soft to complete their evening.

An Upgrade To Your Shower Gel

An easy way to add some pampering to someone's day is by replacing their regular old shower gel with shower "milk" — especially if said milk smells like the southern French Riviera.

A Diffuser That Looks Like Art

Give your friend a two-in-one this year: This cold air diffuser that doubles as an expensive-looking piece of art. Bonus points if you throw in some relaxing essential oils.

An Ultra-Luxe Alternative To Body Lotion

There's perhaps nothing more luxurious-feeling than covering your body in oil, and also really no better way to end a bubble bath.

A Complete Set Of Nail Essentials

Sometimes, it's just nice to sit down on your couch and take a ridiculously long time to do your own nails. Make sure the experience is luxe for your gift recipient and give them this complete set of nail essentials from non-toxic nail brand tenoverten.

An Upgrade To Your Shower Routine

Making your morning shower into mindful routine is an easy way to add some relaxation into your day. Paired with some calming soap (and maybe a candle or two), this exfoliating body brush will make for a gift that's unexpectedly thoughtful.