16 Transitional Spring Outfits For Those Days When You Don't Know What To Wear


Winter is nearing its icy end, which means you've probably exhausted all options in your closet. Sweaters are balled, coats are stained, boots are scuffed — the whole kit and caboodle. Putting together an outfit each morning is now akin to groundhog day; black sweater and jeans for the fourth day in a row? Wonderful. If this hits too close to home then it may be time to give your wardrobe approach a reboot and add some transitional outfits for spring to your mental library.

There are countless strategies to spark new outfit ideas. It could be taking a stroll in a *hip* neighborhood and seeing what street style is going down. Perhaps a stop by your local magazine store and grabbing all of the print publications you've been meaning to read for the last six months. But within the constraints of time those options are less realistic and thus a digital method is consistently more reliable. Instagram, Pinterest, or a tried-and-true folder on your desktop to file away outfits you like — whatever your choice, the power of perusing a few strong looks can work wonders when you're running short on time, still not dressed, and need to get it together ASAP.

Ahead, 16 photos to look at the next time you can't think of an outfit and the formulas for building them out in your own wardrobe for the upcoming month or two.

Striped Sweater + Blue Jeans + Brown Boots

Consider this your basic sweater and jeans pairing, but on steroids. The colorful stripes paired with bright blue denim feels like a modern nod to 70s-inspired style.

Striped Sweater


Paper London

Oversized Shirt + Pencil Skirt + Patent-Leather Boots

For when you feel like dressing like an Olsen twin, try out this look that expertly plays with proportions. Add in a structured mini bag to polish everything off.

Voluminous Grandad Shirt



Fleece + Cropped Cardigan + Baggy Jeans

The coolest way to combine a touch of sweet and spunky, no? Accessorize with a bejeweled barrette and drop earrings to carry the look from day to night.





Hair Clip + Bright Sweater + Slip Skirt

Have you ever seen such an eye-catching color combination? Sweaters and skirts are a reliable pairing; toss in a statement hair clip and dainty bag to give the duo extra oomph.

Tabitha Barrette



Chunky Sweater + Knotted Belt + Knit Pants

Transition to spring with a pair of knit pants. They team well with a chunkier knit knotted around the waist.

Ribbed Crop Pants



Vintage Jeans + Tube Socks + Platform Flats

Sometimes it's the small details that reinvigorate your style, like a pair of classic jeans with sporty socks and fashion-focused footwear.

Take Out Socks



Matching Set + Slime Green Layer + Small Bag

Embrace the slime with a tissue-thin turtleneck worn with an enticing matching set, like this patent leather iteration.

Thais Cardigan



Floral Frock + Cowboy Boots + Dainty Jewelry

As illustrated below, an under-30 second way to put together a charming look is by pairing a floral midi dress with of-the-moment cowboy boots.

Yin Yang Doodle Boot


Brother Vellies

Denim Jacket + Lightweight Knit + Blue Jeans

It's easy to forget how appealing a denim-on-denim outfit truly is. All you need to finish is a cool tee or pretty blouse.

Dark Wash Denim Jacket



Bold Blouse + Animal-Print Pants + White Heels

In case you were wondering if mixing and matching prints was a thing of the past.

Zebra-Print Pants



Structured Blazer + Ruffled Blouse + Belt Bag

A timeless blazer is always a good idea but if you've run out of ways to wear it, why not cinch a belt bag around your waist? It's unexpected and refreshingly cool. Plus, no hands!

The Fiona Bag



Pajama Top + White Tee + Cream-Colored Jeans

Yet another amazing take on the pajama dressing trend. Leave your top unbuttoned and layer a white tee underneath and a pair of white jeans below. To finish, low heels and some gold jewelry.

Ruthie Top


Morgan Lane

Oversized Blazer + Mini Skirt + Dad Sneakers

Become a master of proportions with this oversized blazer meets mini hemline duo. A pair of chunky sneakers to complete the look (bonus points if you also accessorize with tube socks over black tights).

Linen Blazer


Massimo Dutti

Belted Blazer + Straight-Leg Jeans + Textured Bag

This is the ideal way to wear jeans to the office while still looking professional. Perfection!

Leopard Bag


Pixie Market

White T-Shirt + Patchwork Skirt + Socks n' Sneakers

If you've been eyeing a bold piece in your wardrobe for months and just can't figure out how to style it, when in doubt, just add in a white tee—it's the perfect neutralizer.

Tiered Maxi Skirt



Drapey Trench + Silk Scarf + Top-Handle Bag

There's something so cinematic about a dress peeking out below a drapey trench. Include a silk scarf and top-handle bag for extra elegance.

Didi Bag


Alfeya Varini