The Style Hack So Good You Can Wear It Winter Through Spring


Think about the most stylish person you've recently come in contact with. Was it a woman in front of you in line at the coffee shop? Your friend you grabbed dinner with last week? What was it that made them so stylish? If you're like most, you're probably thinking less about the brands that said stylish human was wearing and more how they were wearing the clothing to begin with. You see, the best personal style is just that—personal. It's a unique take on whatever article of clothing is in question and transformed by a pinch of imagination and creativity. Whether it's the way you roll your sleeves, cuff your jeans, or — in this case, tie your scarf (that's actually a sweater). These small touches make the world of difference when it comes to establishing your personal brand, regardless if you're wearing designer, vintage, or something in between.

It's natural to feel stale on styling inspiration from time to time, though, and the quickest approach to conjuring up new wardrobe hacks is taking inspiration from fellow fashion enthusiasts. The latest trick that's been popping up is the repurposing of the sweater as a scarf. This may conjure memories of preppy sweaters neatly folded across your shoulders, but the 2019 version of this trend is much more effortless. The body of the sweater is often off-kilter and scrunched to one side and the arms of the sweater are knotted in front a couple of times to add extra bulk — whatever the approach one thing should be kept in mind: don't overthink it.

Ahead, you'll find a handful of chic women who illustrate how surprisingly cool a sweater looks in place of your everyday scarf. Wear these looks now and once spring arrives translate them to the new season, too.


The Zoe Report's senior fashion editor Aemilia Madden adds a pop of lime green to her look by way of the sweater-as-scarf trend. She contrasts the radiant hue with neutral separates, like a white teddy bear jacket and cargo pants.


If you're going for the dress-over-pants look and the ensemble feels disproportionate, consider knotting a sweater around your neck. It'll help tie the look together while simultaneously keeping you toasty.


If minimalism is the name of the game for you, then a solid sweater is the direction you should take this trend. As witnessed above, an off-white knit is thoroughly chic and enduringly versatile.


Winter often feels like it's never going to end, which means your cold-weather outfits are bound to bore you. Add a little playfulness to your puffer and jeans combination with a bright sweater cinched around the neck.


Outfits that incorporate multiple textures are especially appealing. Contrast a patent-leather jacket with a luxe sweater worn on top.

Daniel Zuchnik

For the Parisian-inspired, follow designer Mari Giudicelli's lead and style an oversized blazer with straight-leg denim and ankle boots. To add a little extra je ne sais quoi, a couple of slim sweaters layered on top (two is better than one, right?).