I'm A Pro Shopper And These Are The Best Last-Minute Gifts

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The window is closing on prime holiday gift-buying. You have just a few days left before you're forced to scramble your way through a crazed afternoon running from store to store in search of the perfect pair of shoes or a bottle of wine that feels thoughtfully selected. Truthfully, I've yet to get started on my gifting list this year. Which is good news for you, because I'm here to offer my best and brightest last-minute holiday gift ideas that happen to work for any and every woman on your list.

One rule I tend to stick to when picking up holiday gifts is to think in hobbies. There are certain generic gifts that I know will be put to good use — candles, soap, socks, and books — but if I want to stray beyond the standard 4, I try to consider what the recipient enjoys in their spare time and buy accordingly. Pet parents will be glad for anything related to their animals. Wine enthusiasts are always searching out something related to their favorite vino. To help you on the last few days of your gifting journey, I'm rounding up a number of presents sure to appeal to whomever is left on your list this season. Happy shopping!

Gift For The Friend Who Is Cool But Also Always Cold

There are people who run hot and those who run cold. If you have a friend who is constantly shivering and bundling up — even when she's indoors — this is the perfect gift.

Gift For The Luxe Lounger

Staying home in sweats is the ultimate luxury. But add to that a super-fancy pair of slippers and rest time will go above and beyond.

Gift For The Shoe Addict

Instead of gifting your shoe obsessed someone with another piece of footwear, try offering them something fresh to style their favorites with: a great pair of socks.

Gift For The Practical Mom

A simple, streamlined saddle bag is universally appealing and happens to be the perfect size for all the mom necessities — reading glasses, a keychain with a questionable amount of keys, and an overstuffed wallet.

Gift For The Overly-Cheery Holiday Lover

Trying to figure out what to gift the aunt that tends to get a little overly-cheery this holiday season? A bright and cozy sweater will fit her mood without playing too kitschy.

Gift For The Low-Key Listmaker

For some, the holidays are less about the gifts and more about spending time with family and friends. A small and practical accessory is a gift they'll use and appreciate, without feeling self conscious.

Gift For The Natural Wine Enthusiast

If your someone special lives for a visit to the local wine shop and tends to ask for the biodynamic options when looking at a wine list, this luxe carrier will be just the thing.

Gift For The More Is More Type

If your someone special believes that there's no such thing as over accessorizing, try a luxe pair of statement earrings that will compliment the rest of her cool baubles.

Gift For The Perennial Partier

For the one friend you can always count on as your wing woman, gift her the perfect piece to wear on your next adventure.

Gift For The Ecstatically Proud Dog Mom

There's nothing a doting dog mom wouldn't do for her Dachshund or Goldendoodle. Help her indulge her furry child with a luxe accessory that's animal approved.

Gift For The Adventurist

She loves to travel, so give her a little inspo to get her ready for her next big escape.

Gift For The Friend Who's Ready To Get Serious About Skin Care

There comes a time where soap and water no longer seems to cut it. Suddenly, it's all about serums, lotions, and peels. A super-luxe starter item is the best way to get her excited.

Gift For The Cuddler

You can't always be there to keep that special someone cozy, but you can do the next best thing — make sure they're snuggled in when you're not around. A soft, cozy jacket is just the thing.

Gift For The Getaway Artist

If you're looking to gift something special for the friend who already has three beach vacations on the calendar, a pair of sunglasses is where it's at. Her eyes will be protected and she'll be seriously on trend.

Gift For The Exerciser

Marathoner, dance-addict, or boxer — every level of recreation needs a chance for recovery. This gadget is like an at-home massage, on demand.

Gift For The Instagram Addict

If she's a constant scroller, finally gift her the piece that's been all over her feed. Saks Potts is the brand pioneering the Scandi-cool aesthetic that's redefining modern style.

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