The 21 It-Gifts Our Editors Want This Winter

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

"Trendy" is one of those words that has the power to both attract and repel. We're all influenced (by aptly named influencers, but also our family and friends) all the time to test out a new coffee shop, boot brand, and even the way we do our makeup. And when it comes to giving gifts, there's a thin line — you want to deliver something that feels of-the-moment, yet won't be passé by early 2020. We all want the 2019 It-items that will stick around — trendy gifts that aren't overly so.

It may be impossible to stop your grandparents from simply sending you home with the annual pair of hand-knit socks, but others sliding a little something your way may be slightly more swayable. To help you navigate exactly what to ask for, TZR's editors are all listing off the gifts they've been inspired to ask for themselves, thanks to their peers and yes, the internet. Included in the list is plenty of clothing, but there are also a number of pieces that you may not actually wear on your body, but have been resoundingly embraced by the fashion crowd — books and cookware included. Read about it all below.