12 Sparkly Nail Polish Colors For New Year's Eve That Even Minimalists Will Love

These sparkly nail polish colors for New Year's Eve will appeal to even nail minimalists.

The end of the decade is drawing near — do you know what manicure you're going to send it off with? If there were ever a time to go out with a bang and a bold nail look, it'd be now. And as far as festive manicures are concerned that means glitter, glitter, and you guessed it, more glitter. After all, a glitzy coating on nails ensures you start the year on a glam note. So if you don't have your all-important lacquer lined up yet, look to these sparkly nail polish colors for New Year's Eve to set a fabulous tone for 2020.

If you're a self-described maximalist when it comes to your manicures, gravitating towards a glittery polish is a total given (is there any other way?). But for those who typically opt for subdued shades, branching out with a sparkly iteration may seem understandably intimidating. Thankfully though, there are ways to bring on a glitzy vibe without going overboard, be it with subtler takes on sparkle or creative application that keeps the look in line with your aesthetic.

The trick is to either opt for glitter formulas that have a clear base (that can be worn alone over naked nails for a barely there glint) or a colorful polish that reveals its luminous pigment only in certain lights.

Dazzling shades like Orosa's Prism, $12, essie's Set in Stones, $8.99, and even ORLY's rainbow confetti Glitterbomb, $9.50 can be used in moderation to create a manicure that's sparkly in a minimalist way. Follow nail artist Betina Goldstein's lead, for example, and recreate her Ombré Frost look using a shimmery silver glitter over bare nails with concentrated sparkle only at the tips. Alternatively, swipe the glitter over a neutral shade you'd typically wear for a party-ready update.

Or, go with a sheer coat of a sparkly lacquer on nails for a polished vibe — Chantecaille's Celestial Nail Sheer in Vega, $28, is a pearly green pick that's subtly striking, and Deborah Lipmann I Put A Spell On You, $20, is a frosty purpley hue that's full of superfine shimmer pigments. Opt for Nails Inc.'s Seeing Stars Nail Duo, $15, for a combo of translucent pink polish and whimsical star-shaped paillettes that seem fitting for a festive goodbye to 2019.

Prepare to fete the fresh decade by shopping several sparkly nail polishes from fan-fave nail brands, below.