The $8 Candle You’ll Want Burning In Every Room This Fall


Picture yourself waking up on a chilly morning, grabbing a cup of hot coffee, and settling in by the fire. Now imagine that scenario with a fall-scented candle burning in the background. It's better, right? And what would make it even more irresistible is if that candle is affordable — like under-$25 affordable. Because when you inevitably run of out said candle (which you will, because of the aforementioned scenario), it's much less painful to drop $20 on a replacement than to splurge on an $80 option you're sure to burn through before December. Luckily for you, there are plenty of cheap fall candles under $25 out there that are just as worthy of your cozy mornings at home.

If your budget is lower, go with one you've probably seen sitting on the shelves of your local Target: Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider Soy Glass Candle. At $7.99, it's the definition of a steal — and I can personally attest to the fact that the brand's candles smell heavenly, because I burn its seasonal scents in my own home every year once the temperatures dip below 60 degrees.

Also sitting at a lower price point is Capri Blue's Pumpkin Clove Candle Tin, which is $16 and smells exactly as cozy as it sounds. The scent is made up of what the product description describes as "buttery pumpkin" (yum), that "with a touch of orange zest is wrapped within a savory vanilla and cinnamon base." If that doesn't scream "fall" to you, nothing will.

But it's not *all* about food (though there's certainly nothing wrong with solely stocking your space with pumpkin- and apple cider-scented products). Other candles, like Square Trade Goods Co.'s 8 oz. Campfire Candle for $22 brings the scent of a cool night spent around a fire thanks to a smoky scent with notes of woodsmoke, pine, cedar, and amber. There's also P.F. Candle Co.'s re-released, cult-favorite Campfire Candle, $20, which brings a slightly different scent thanks to notes of raspberry along with the traditional smoke and firewood.

Want something that smells warm and cozy, but isn't technically fall-themed? Apotheke's Amber Woods Votive for $14 will not only look good in any space with its simple white vessel, but it'll also bring an unexpected scent with warm amber wood, sweet lily of the valley, and night-blooming jasmine that's joined by peppercorn, woody vetiver, and patchouli.

Ahead, these and six more cheap fall candles to get your home feeling cozy and smelling fantastic for the season — without breaking the bank.