These YouTube Channels Will Help You Take Your Hair-Styling Skills To The Next Level

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The best channels to follow on YouTube for hair tutorials from curly to straight hair

Throughout quarantine, many have experimented with makeup looks and perfected skincare routines, but now, it's time to conquer the challenge that is your hair. Whether you've been executing new styles weekly or have been *seriously* leaning on the messy bun, there's always room to upgrade your looks. And where else to find endless #hairspiration but YouTube and its hair tutorial channels.

Much like doing your makeup in isolation, doing your hair during these unprecedented times can be a way to feel "normal," boost your confidence, and a enhance your mood. Plus, it's the perfect time to practice and test out new things, so when you're finally allowed out with your friends again, your hair will be next level.

While you could peruse the mecca of tutorials, YouTube, for your next protective hairstyle or instructions on something more permanent like a DIY dye (it is the thing to do these days), the heavy lifting has been done for you. Ahead, 10 channels to check out for all your hair inspo needs, from pixie cuts to bum-grazing tresses.

YouTube Channel For: Styling Long Hair

Whether you want a simple style or something more intricate, Alex Gaboury is *fully* dedicated to giving long-haired people options. Her channel has tutorials on updos, waves, how to accessorize, and more. And, though, it is tailored to those with long hair, there are definitely styles and tricks Gaboury uses that would work with short hair, too.

YouTube Channel For: Curly Hair

They're big, bouncy, and beautiful — and sometimes hard to manage. Talking about curls, here. Luckily, Jayme Jo has become a pro at styling, maintaining, and caring for her curly locks, and she's willing to share her knowledge with the internet. She does tutorials on third-day curls, updos, and, recently, a video on how to style short curly hair (on her mom, how cute).

YouTube Channel For: Hair Dyeing

If you haven't yet dyed your hair in quarantine, hats off to you. But if you want to, or want to maintain your color, follow Stella Cini. The YouTuber has dyed her hair green, blue, red, and pink (just to name a few) — and it's all documented step-by-step. Maybe even better than the tutorials is the fact that she uses Arctic Fox dyes a lot of the time, which only retail around $11 apiece.

YouTube Channel For: Braids

Dutch braids, French braids, waterfall, fishtail — if it's a braid, Missy Sue probably has a tutorial on it. The YouTuber's videos have garnered her 1 million subscribers and it's not hard to see why. No matter if you're a beginner or a pro at braids yourself, Sue goes through how to start and end the braid each time. Plus, the tutorials are quick, so in seven minutes, you'll have three new hairstyles to try.

YouTube Channel For: Styling A Bob

Short hair can have just as much fun as long hair and Mallory Cornelison proves that. She has videos on how to get the It-girl bend wave, how you can successfully braid short hair, and how to style a bob with bangs (like a Parisian).

YouTube Channel For: Protective Styles

The range of protective styles is far and wide, but LavishlyBritt covers a good deal of them, from more involved processes like twists to a something as quick and easy as a sleek, low bun. Along with providing tutorials on how to recreate the looks, she also makes videos explaining different protective styles and how to care for your hair when in between looks.

YouTube Channel For: Styling Medium Length Hair

If you're in a Goldilocks kind of situation with your hair (aka not too short, not too long), YouTube still has you covered with Ashley Bloomfield. The YouTuber makes videos on how to incorporate scarves, barrettes, and headbands into your looks along with mastering classics like an updo. And her videos transition between her natural curly and straightened hair so there's a little something for everyone.

YouTube Channel For: Hot Tool Reviews

How can a whole channel focus on reviewing tools? Easy: There's a big difference between all of them. YouTuber Milabu puts curlers, straighteners, and even crimpers to the test that range from drugstore finds to a $500 flat iron. But, it's not just a review of the tools; she shows how she uses them, so it's essentially a tutorial on each look, too.

YouTube Channel For: Cutting & Trimming

Sharee Anonuevo has not only cut and trimmed her bangs multiple times, but has cut her chest-length hair up to her shoulders *twice*. Even if you're not planning on such a dramatic cut, Anonuevo's videos lay out the entire process — and tools you'll need — no matter your hair length.

YouTube Channel For: Styling A Pixie

As Pixie Chick's name suggests, her videos are all about the pixie haircut. Though the short style can be a challenge to master at first, Pixie Chick shows how versatile the style can be with tutorials on tousled, slicked, and even braided looks.

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