This $7 Eye Pencil Gives Me Prestige-Level Pigment

A woman with a blue neon eyeliner with prestige-level pigment

As a Social Media Editor, I spend more time on Instagram than most people (OK, maybe everyone). My endless scrolling isn’t completely in vain, though — it’s my job to identify key trends on the platform, and those learnings often contribute to the content we produce on site. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the countless hours I’ve spent on Instagram, it’s that the platform is a great predictor of how wearable a trend actually is, and furthermore, how wide it will spread. While I’m always scouring the app for inspirational imagery, as our Social Editor I’m more keen on finding looks that the readers and I can feasibly recreate at home. So, when my feed continued to fill with neon eyeliner looks — not just from seasoned beauty bloggers and makeup artists, but the fashion crowd as well — I decided it was a trend worth trying.

For starters, it’s an easy way to make any look more interesting. With a swipe of electric blue eyeliner, I’m able to make the tired black dress I’ve lived in all summer feel new again. It’s also extremely convenient — just swap out your go-to black eyeliner for an electric new hue (which is a pretty low-stakes investment, if you ask me).

Did I mention how simple it is? I’m no makeup pro (I wouldn’t dare attempt contouring), and can attest that the trend is extremely user-friendly. While you can go as simple as tracing your lash line, you can also get more creative with geometric lines, or by layering multiple colors.

Below, I’ve gathered my favorite looks from Instagram, along with the tried-and-true eyeliners I swear by. Scroll on to find your new hue, and oh, while you’re at it — don’t forget to follow TZR on Instagram.

Fiery Red

For an extra ounce of summertime glow, try combining the look with a glossy lid (and maybe a feathered brow, while you're at it).

Electric Blue

Playing with lines may seem tricky, but I've found that it's actually easier than drawing your standard wing, since you don't have to close your eye during the application. I can't recommend Dior's Onstage Liner enough — the high-pigment, fine tip allows for the most precise application. It also comes in 12 colors (so good luck picking just one).

Lightening Yellow

If you're making your first foray into neons, yellow is definitely one of the most approachable hues. It's a great starting point if you're not entirely sure about the whole bright colors thing yet, and looks good on a variety of skin tones.

Orange Sunrise

For a more dramatic look, try extending your usual eyeliner path — both at the inner corners of your eye and at the tail end of your wing.

Slime Green

When playing with neon, I like to keep the rest of my makeup look relatively simple. I find that a neutral high-shine lip gloss is the best way to finish off the look.