You Won't Know How You Lived Without This Weird $5 Kitchen Tool


For some, spending more time in the kitchen these days is a welcome — and perhaps even calming — addition to their new stay-home routine. For others, it's more about forcing themselves to strengthen their admittedly undeveloped culinary skills — besides, of course, generally surviving. But whichever camp you're in, it wouldn't hurt to make cleaning, prepping, and every other facet of whipping up your next homemade meal so much simpler with a few must-have kitchen gadgets that seem weird but are actually game-changing.

Regardless of your current culinary expertise, you could always benefit from an extra hand when it comes to cooking and baking projects —even if it's just eliminating an extra step or two that will shave off time you can use for other important things, like mixing up a super-simple cocktail or hopping into a video chat with your loved ones. Now bear in mind, some kitchen gadgets are actually essentials — like certain pots and pans or pantry staples — but there are also those that seem like all hype or novelty, yet actually end up making your life so much easier. And they might just make cooking feel like more of a fun experiment and less of a chore.

In the spirit of making cooking easier and more enjoyable all around, the list ahead features 10 wacky tools that make you ask yourself, Do I really need that? And the answer is no, you probably don't. But if they can help make whipped coffee without a clunky mixer or stop your hands from reeking of garlic, they're actually worth their weight in gold.

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