10 Blushes For Dark Skin That Actually Show Up On My Face


It's hard to believe, but there was a time when most mass market makeup product offerings didn't span a variety of skin tones — especially deeper ones. I know, right?! The pre-Fenty Beauty era was so bleak. But even if we're living in the golden light of Rih and company, there are still a few products that are hard to find, including blushes for dark skin.

Admittedly, I didn't even know that they were a thing for the longest time, especially because most blushes were offered in a variation of whisper-soft pink tones that barely made a mark on my complexion. But after Sir John (makeup artist to Beyoncé, Serena Williams, and so many more) told me that blush is the one product you need to make your face look awake, I made it my personal goal to find a couple that'd help me fake a flush. And friends, it hasn't been easy. Blush, for the record, isn't the easiest staple to find: There are liquid formulas that are too runny, and powder formulas that read way too chalky. I even ruined a brand new silky snakeskin-print blouse while squeezing out a little bit of day-glow orange pigment onto my Beautyblender in the midst of all my testing. It was worth it, though. (Especially since my mom helped me get the unsightly stain out). Now, I feel like my face looks empty without a little bit of color swept onto the apples of my cheeks — it ties any makeup look together.

Khalea Underwood

Because I believe in sharing the love (or, at least, killer products that deserve some shine), I'm highlighting my favorite Black girl-friendly blushes below. No Tide-to-go pen needed.

Pinks & Berries

Purples & Plums

Peaches & Oranges