The Best New Blushes This Fall To Help You Fake A Flush


It's a mistake that everyone has made at one point. You dip your fluffy brush into a bright pink pigment, applying it liberally onto the apples of your cheeks — only to end up looking like a prettier version of Pennywise the clown. In an era where makeup is meant to be easy, blush is the one product that's still tough to nail... which is a shame, since there are so many great new fall 2018 blushes to choose from.

And according to Eric Scott Ferrell, a celebrity makeup artist who's worked with Beyoncé and Gabrielle Union, finding your hue isn't that hard. "It’s really a matter of trial and error," he tells The Zoe Report. "You go to the colors that most resemble your complexion and then sample on the jawline after."

Celebrity makeup artist Marco Castro agrees. “I always tend to go for shades with bright red and coral undertones, and according to your skin tone, you can pick a light, medium, or dark shade," he advises. "Blush should replicate the natural cheek color on babies and healthy young people after exercising when you can almost see the flow of rich, warm blood under the surface of the skin. Another way to pick the perfect one is to choose a color that is the same as your natural lip color after you bite your lips.” Simple enough, right?

With those tips in mind, check out the latest offerings from Shiseido, Lorac, and more.

Fair Skin

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Pale pink, and peaches work best. Remember that a little color goes a long way on a lighter complexions, and a few brushes of color will brighten up your look immediately.

Medium Skin

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If you have medium skin, your tone is already warm so you won't need a bunch of product to enhance a pop of color on your cheeks (lucky!). Stick with deeper pinks and warm mauves, as the richer pigments will show up easily on your skin.

Dark Skin

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"Try three different shades. The one that seems to disappear is yours,” Ferrell suggests. Rich reds, berries, and corals are all winners, as they still have bold undertones.

Deep Skin

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Richer skin tones have the benefit of pulling off bright pinks and oranges. There’s no need to shy away from colors that might seem “overpowering,” because darker skin can carry these tones as natural and warm instead of loud.