You Can Make Your Home Look So Much Fancier With These Surprising Bargains On Amazon

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by Sabrina Crews

Elevating the look and feel of your living space takes time. You don’t acquire your finest pieces or change your entire design aesthetic all at once, after all. It’s a process, and one that’s lifelong. Still, there are ways to affordably and efficiently spruce up your environs when you’re between projects or saving up for your next major household purchase. In fact, you can make your home look so much fancier with these surprising bargains on Amazon.

It’s a total myth that you need to spend a ton of money on your home in order to make it look like you did — it’s just not the easiest feat. No worries, though. Our editors put in the work to produce this list of fancy-but-frugal home items — clever storage pieces, stunning window treatments, chic serving accessories, and more — so all you have to do is scroll through and click ‘add to cart.’ Plus, if you’re a Prime member, you’ll scarcely have to wait to incorporate these items into your interiors.

Rest assured that each of the products below is easy to use, lovely to look at, and rings up an a price that totally belies how fancy it seems. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.


This Stunning Velvet Ottoman That Looks So Much More Expensive Than It Is

This is so not your average ottoman. In addition to its striking, modern appearance — it’s uniquely rounded, upholstered in soft velvet, and features three robust, metallic gold legs — the footrest can be used as a side table, accent chair, vanity stool, and more, depending on your needs. Because it’s so lightweight and compact, you can easily transfer it between rooms or tuck it beneath larger pieces of furniture — and because it’s so eye-catching, it still makes for a lovely decorative piece when you’re not using it. Most surprising of all? It’s only $35. Steal.

  • Available styles: 8


A Framed Print That Combines Modern Art & Scandi-Chic Design

For a fun, fresh take on celebrated works of art, get a framed print from innovative, Miami-based decor brand Haus and Hues. This 12-by-16, sage green print reinterprets a classic paper cutout by Henri Matisse, but there are 10 designs total to choose from in Nordic-inspired color schemes. Each print comes with a beige or black frame and hanging hardware, and is especially suited for a minimalist, Scandi-style home interior. With its splashy pastels and a hard-to-beat 4.8-star score on Amazon, this abstract print is about to become the most entertaining conversation piece you own.

  • Available prints: 10


This Striped, Linen Table Runner For A French-Country Vibe

Add a touch of French-country charm to your dining setup with this striped linen table runner. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the runner is fit for all seasons and softens with every wash — so just like the fine wine you serve on it, the fabric only betters with age. Each runner is made of 100% handwoven linen, too, meaning yours will be 100% unique. Durable, luxurious, and less than $20, these linens were practically made to be bought in multiples.

  • Available styles: 28


These Pretty Floating Shelves That’ll Save You A Ton Of Space

“Classy, sturdy, and awesome,” one fan of these floating wall shelves raved on Amazon. “Considering the price paid, totally worth every dime.” Other shoppers are particularly impressed with how easy they are to install; the set-up process only takes ten minutes and there’s an easy-to-follow manual included. Made of eco-friendly cedar wood with gold-tone edges, the striking set of shelves, which appears to be floating once it’s mounted, is every bit as decorative as it is functional. You’ll love the panache it brings to your bathroom or kitchen (there’s even a built-in towel rack), and how much space it saves you.

  • Available colors: 2


A Set Of Matte-Black Candlesticks To Make Your Space Feel Cozier

Amazon shoppers love these tapered candle holders. “A friend… couldn’t believe it when I told her the price and that I ordered them from Amazon,” one reviewer who gave the set five stars enthused. Crafted by artisans from quality metal, the best-selling candlesticks boast a sleek matte surface, come in four different colors (silver, gold, rose gold, and matte black), and are staggered in height to make a dazzling statement. You’ll love the warm and cozy ambiance they’ll add to your space when lit, and the Scandic-chic appeal they’ll provide when they’re not.


This Versatile Marble Tray That’s Both Decorative & Functional

Marble decor is all the rage, and you can easily incorporate the trend into your own design aesthetic with this marble tray. Its polished marble finish looks so regal, it’ll instantly elevate the appearance of whatever you put on it it (be it your drinks, jewelry, perfume, or makeup), wherever you put it (your mantle, counter, vanity, or dresser). With two rust-proof metal handles on top and four non-slip pads below, the handmade tray comes in three rich colors, like the deep green pictured, and exudes an undeniable elegance that far surpasses its $30 price tag.

  • Available colors: 3


A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That’ll Make Your Bed Feel So Luxe

When it comes to upgrading your beauty routine, you might not think to add a pillow. Once you try this luxe and ingenious slip-on cover, however, it’s bound to become a permanent part of your regimen. Made of pure mulberry silk, the pillowcase protects your skin and hair while you sleep and serves as a natural temperature regulator, preventing you from getting too hot or cold in the night. With a thoughtfully concealed zipper, 24 colors to choose from (including eye-catching patterns like cowhide, cherry blossom, and blue marble), and thousands of perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, this pillowcase is an absolute must — or, as one contented shopper put it, “the only silk pillowcase you’ll ever need.”

  • Available colors/prints: 24


This Beautiful Vase That’ll Inspire You To Buy Fresh Flowers

Here’s a vase that’s guaranteed to be every bit as lovely the floral arrangement it holds — and it won’t even cost you $20. Made of handblown, translucent glass, the vase is coated with a glossy finish that comes in three ethereal colors: crystal gray, irised clear, and crystal amber, pictured. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, it’s a hit among customers for how stunningly sheer, stylish, and giftable it is. “I love the way the color changes throughout the day as the sun changes,” one thrilled shopper wrote. “Would buy again!”

  • Available colors: 3


An Ingenious Bamboo Serving Board That’ll Impress Your Guests

Prepare to be the life of the party with this charcuterie board and knife set. Made of handcrafted, bamboo wood, the fancy cheese board features smooth, rounded edges; deep grooves along the sides to hold your crackers; and a hidden drawer that comes with four serving utensils, a wine opener, labels for your cheese, and labeling markers. The cheeseboard is versatile — it functions as both a serving tray and a cutting board — and easy to tote, too. It even includes a carrying bag. How is it just $40?


These Affordable Linen Curtains That’ll Make Your Room Feel Brighter & Airier

You’d be hard-pressed to find a set of linen curtains for under $33 anywhere, but a pair as elegant as these floor-length drapes? On Amazon? Amazing. Made of a soft, open-weave linen blend, the eco-friendly curtains are sheer enough to let some light in, but durable enough to keep your space private, cool, and energy efficient. Choose from a range of sizes for the perfect fit, and rich, matchable shades like dove, pure white, and stone blue. As simple to maintain as they are to install, these machine-washable, tab-top curtains are sure to deliver an instant, affordable, and surprisingly fancy home refresh.

  • Available colors: 8


An Attractive Bathroom Organizer To Keep Your Counter Clutter-Free

Believe it: this handy bathroom organizer is both a space-saver and a life-saver. Made of waterproof resin, the durable catch-all comes with five slots to hold a variety of toiletries — razors, creams, gels, soaps, toothbrushes, and more — and free up space on your coveted bathroom countertop. Its built-in drainage system and anti-slip foot pads will ensure your items stay put and dry, while its marble finish adds a dash of style. Boasting an excellent 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the organizer is a hit among shoppers for being so sturdy and easy to clean — and for its super affordable price tag.


A Set Of 2 Velvet Pillow Covers That Come In Over 20 Pretty Colors

Refreshing your throw pillow covers is one of the simplest and fastest ways to elevate your home decor, and it’s especially doable when they’re as affordable as these chic, velvet cases that come in four different sizes and over 20 colors. Each throw cover is double sided, easy to wash, and designed with a hidden zipper for a smooth, sleek look that’ll instantly update your bed, bench, chair, or sofa. No wonder they’ve garnered over 5,000 fans on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 28


These Farmhouse-Inspired Dispensers For Your Soaps & Shampoos

Sometimes, the secret to achieving a fancy home refresh lies in the details. You’d be surprised, for instance, at how a seemingly minor change can result in a major aesthetic improvement — like swapping out your old, plastic soap containers for these handsome, amber glass dispensers. Each of the refillable soap bottles comes with a matte black, stainless steel pump and holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. They also come with four uniquely designed sticker labels to indicate what’s inside. The understated, vintage-inspired look of the dispensers will seamlessly fit into any kitchen and bathroom design theme, and lend a subtle polish to the room that your guests are sure to notice.


A Luxe 4-Piece Sheet Set That’s Infused With Soothing Aloe Vera

The sheets in this four-piece set were treated with soothing aloe vera so you can literally get your beauty sleep. Not only that, but the brand claims that the microfiber material they’re made from is silkier and softer than that of high-end cotton sheets — though, remarkably, these cost less than $30 on Amazon for a queen-size set. The set includes two pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet with deep pockets to grip thicker mattresses. Choose from four sizes and four dreamy colors, like the creamy shade pictured, to complement your bedroom decor.

  • Available colors: 4


This Pretty Reed Diffuser So Your Space Always Smells Amazing

Beautifully packaged in a tube-shaped gift box with gold foil, this lovely diffuser includes four wooden reeds and a petite glass bottle with nearly 2 ounces of scented oil inside. There are 10 distinctive fragrances to choose from, like wild fig, tobacco patchouli, grapefruit, and balsam. Crafted by Nashville-based artisans who specialize in making candles and diffusers, this is a product that’s both imaginative and luxe — and yet, it won’t even cost you $20. The tiny bottles were designed to be upcycled too, so once you’re finished with one as a diffuser, keep it around to use as a mini vase for a single flower.

  • Available colors/scents: 10


4 Luxuriously Soft, Hotel-Quality Pillowcases — For Just $15

Four fancy pillow cases for less than $20? That’s right, thanks to this set of soft-brushed microfiber cases from the Beckham Hotel Collection. Available in three neutral colors — brown, navy, and white — the ultra-soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash, and made from a yarn that’s twice as durable as cotton. They’re so comfy, in fact, the brand guarantees you’ll have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning. And honestly, isn’t that a good problem to have?

  • Available colors: 3


A Chic Italian Toothpaste To Keep In Your Guest Bathroom

Sometimes, it’s the littlest touches that make the biggest impression. Case in point? This fancy (but not expensive) toothpaste from Italian brand Marvis. Featuring a unique, mint flavor with refreshing notes of jasmine, the fluoride-free toothpaste works to remove plaque and tartar to keep your smile looking radiant. Refreshing, effective, and surprisingly stylish, it definitely deserves a spot on your guest-bathroom counter.


A Gorgeous Crystal Carafe For Water Or Mouthwash

How could you not feel fancy with this elegant carafe on your nightstand? Made of cut crystal and featuring an intricate engraved design, the compact serving set includes a 16-ounce pitcher and matching drinking glass that conveniently nests over its opening. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the carafe is a hit among shoppers for its durability, and how easy it is to use and clean (despite its delicate appearance, it’s dishwater safe). Use it for water, mouthwash, or your finest liquor, and be amazed at how little you paid for such a versatile serving accessory.


This Convenient Bath Caddy To Give Your Bathroom A Hotel-Like Touch

Bath time is about to get a whole lot fancier with this wire caddy tray from Amazon Basics. Designed to sit neatly across the edges of your tub, this sleek tray features multiple compartments to hold basic bath accessories like towels, washcloths, and soaps, as well as at-home spa items like candles, face masks, and loofahs so you can amp up your relaxation game. Easy to adjust and made of tenacious alloy steel, this stylish bath caddy is sure to become your new favorite home accessory.


A Handmade Seagrass Basket For Your Plants, Toys, Laundry, & More

It’s so rare to find a quality, multifunctional organizer for less than $20 — let alone one that’s as gorgeous as this seagrass basket. Because each container is handmade, no two are alike, and you’d be surprised by the sheer variety of household items it’s able to hold apart from plants, like blankets, clothes, toys, games, and pantry accessories. The dual-handled basket also comes in a range of sizes to optimally suit your space, in a lovely natural shade that will seamlessly blend into any room in the house.


This Super-Soft Blanket Made Of Plush, Fluffy Microfiber

Nearly identical to blankets that cost five times the price, this fuzzy, leopard-print throw will make your space feel so inviting and warm. Whether you layer it on top of your bed or throw it over an armchair, its neutral color palette will fit in with practically any style of decor, though note that it does come in several bolder color options, like dark gray and classic brown leopard. Best of all, it’s machine washable and easy to care for.

  • Available colors: 15


A Set Of French Bar Soaps To Stock In All Your Bathrooms

Add a luxurious touch to your bathrooms by placing a few of these colorful bar soaps in a bowl or dish; your guests will feel like they’re at a fancy French hotel. Each one has its own distinct (and lovely) scent, including lavender, rose, almond, and sage. They come packaged in a pretty box, and also make a nice hostess gift.


An Impressive Way To Serve Beverages When You Host

Another way to impress your guests when you’re hosting (or your family when you’re serving a special holiday breakfast): this glass beverage dispenser, which can be used to serve juice, fruit-enhanced water, or even cocktails. Great for BBQs, picnics, and garden parties, it’s designed to resemble a giant mason jar and even has a classic tin lid that’s easy to screw on and off


This Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Both More Stylish & Hygienic Than Fabric Versions

Bamboo bath mats are an easy way to give your bathroom a fancy, spa-like feel, but they also serve a more practical purpose. Not only do you never have to wash them (you can, however, wipe them down), but unlike their fabric counterparts, they won’t harbor mildew or bacteria, so they’re a lot more hygienic. Why not add one to your bathroom stat?


These Pretty, French-Style Hand Towels Made Of Soft Linen

Linen hand towels — especially these French-style striped versions — will make your bathroom feel so much fancier, while also contributing a slightly rustic, farmhouse-chic touch. The best thing about linen is that it only gets softer the more you wash it, so you don’t have to be delicate with these woven, European-made towels. They’re great for the kitchen, too.

  • Available colors: 3


A Light-Up Mirror To Make Your Vanity Area Much More Impressive

Make your vanity area or bathroom counter feel worthy of a celeb’s glam room with this light-up mirror from Beautyworks. It features three magnification modes and an LED light panel to mimic natural light, so your makeup will always look flawless once you step out of the house. Equipped with touch-screen technology and a rotating base, this mirror is sold in six different colors to match any space.


These Clever, Stackable Wine Racks That Both Look Great & Add Function

Whether you use this wine rack to display what you’ll be serving that evening for your guests, in the basement to keep bottles organized, or stacked on top of a bar cart or cabinet, it’s bound to come in handy. And not only does it look impressive, but you can stack three of these racks on top of each other to create a tiered look. The waved design prevents the bottles from slipping or rolling, and the rack comes exactly as it appears in the picture, no set-up required.


These Genius LED Light Strips That You Can Put Literally Anywhere

You can place these LED light strips anywhere to give yourself more visibility — under a cabinet, in your closet, beneath your bed... They’ll give your home a much more impressive aesthetic, while also adding a bit of coziness. They’re super easy to install, and come in warm, cool, and neutral light versions to suit any preference.


An Elegant Way To Set Out Post-Dinner Drinks For Your Guests

There’s something about decanters, whether you use them for wine or whiskey, that just scream fancy. This one would look great on a bar cart or out on display on a kitchen shelf (it also makes a great gift for the spirits lover in your life). Considering its heavy, high-quality design, it’s hard to believe it costs less than $20 on Amazon.


A High-Quality Mirror Tray For Your Perfumes & Other Beauty Essentials

Mirrored trays add a luxe, fancy touch to any surface on which you put them. You can keep one in your entry hall for small knick-knacks and keys, or on a side table or ottoman in the living room to store coasters, some flowers, and a candle. Or, use it in your bathroom or bedroom to store perfumes, skin care products, and other beauty essentials.


These Chic Night Lights That Aren’t Just For Kids’ Rooms

These night lights definitely aren’t just for kids’ rooms... they’ll look great lining the hallways, and in every room of the house. Not only do they look stylish, but they turn on automatically when it gets dark — and off when it gets light — so they’re energy efficient, too. Choose from soft or daylight versions.


A 12-Piece Set Of High-Quality Dinnerware — At A Pretty Amazing Price

For less than $50, you can get an entire 12-piece dinnerware set (that’s four place settings) made of high-quality, chip-resistant porcelain. Each place setting includes a large dinner plate, a smaller salad plate, and a bowl for cereal or soup. All the pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, and embossed with a subtle pattern that would fit in with any style of kitchen decor.

  • Available styles: 5


A Surprisingly Easy Way To Upgrade Your Shower

A number-one best-seller on Amazon, this SparkPod shower head is surprisingly easy to install — yet it’ll completely transform your shower experience. It’ll fit onto any existing shower arm without any tools required, and it’s sold in six colors (including gold, nickel, and matte black) to fit in with any bathroom style, from rustic to modern.

  • Available colors: 6


This Bamboo Bed Tray To Make Your Home Feel Like A Hotel

Whether you’re serving a loved one, a child, a friend, or a guest, this bed table tray will make them feel like they’re in a five-star hotel. Also great for lazy (or sick) days spent on the couch, the bamboo tray has foldable legs for easy storage and slotted handles for even easier carrying.


A Life-Changing Electric Kettle That’s Attractive Enough To Display

Even something as practical as an electric kettle can make your home seem much fancier. With its matte-black, antique-inspired design and cork topper and handle, this gooseneck kettle looks cool and heats up your water incredibly quickly. The best-selling kettle has been awarded over 6,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, cementing it as a firm fan-favorite and must-have kitchen accessory.


5 Sleek, Modern Frames For Your Favorite Pictures & Prints

You’d be surprised at how much of an impact upgrading your picture frames can have. Use these to create a gallery wall, or place them around your house on lonely shelves; either way, they’ll lend a much more personal aesthetic to your space. These frames are best-sellers on Amazon, with well over 25,000 five-star ratings and an overall score of 4.6 stars.

  • Available colors: 12


These Cool, Modern Teacups That Will Definitely Impress Your Guests

These Turkish-inspired tea cups are durable, modern, and oh-so sleek — they’ll garner compliments from your friends and make your tea-sipping experience feel so much more pleasurable. The double-walled construction means your tea (or coffee) will stay hot, but you won’t burn your fingers or leave behind any marks on your table, as the cleverly designed cups prevent condensation.