5 Cool Money-Saving Apps

If you’re not using apps to save your hard-earned dollars, you’re spending more than you should in almost every area of your budget. Since there are literally hundreds of money-saving apps on the market we can’t possibly list them all, so we’ve assembled a simple short list of a few we think are pretty neat. (Plus, they’re all free!) Download them now and start saving that hard-earned green.



If you’re an avid online shopper, this app is a must. It’ll track your packages automatically, but what’s even cooler is that it will notify you if the cost of something you purchased dropped after you bought it, and then work to refund you the difference in price.



Eating healthy can be expensive, which is where BerryCart comes in. It sources the best local deals on organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian foods and provides you with a rebate on products you purchase based on its suggestions. There’s also an educational component for those still trying to navigate the health-food landscape.



This is more than an app, it’s a bank replacement. The company, which is partnered with FDIC-insured Bancorp, was developed to exist on mobile, so you can do absolutely everything you need to do (banking-wise) with a simple series of swipes. The app also sends you updates and alerts via text, so you’re less likely to be caught unaware by fraud, dangerously low balances or major outgoing expenses. Plus, there are zero fees associated with opening or maintaining a Simple account. Our favorite feature, however, is called Safe-to-Spend, which is an account balance option that deducts upcoming expenses automatically for a more accurate picture of exactly how much you have to spend at any given moment.



If you’re a frequent brick and mortar shopper or browser, there’s no reason not to be on Shopkick. This app rewards you with points (referred to as "kicks") just for walking into certain stores, and more for actually making purchases within the establishment. These points can then be redeemed for in-store rewards or a variety of other prizes ranging from Starbucks gift cards to iPads. Shopkick boasts over 150 brand and retail partners including Target, Best Buy, Rite Aid, Ralph’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.



Having to last-minute cancel a vacation is enough of a bummer without also having to eat the entire cost of a trip you didn’t get to take. While flight costs are often difficult to recoup, Roomer provides hope for hotel fees: Simply list your room and earn money back when another user takes over your reservation. This app is also a great option for saving money when you’re on the booking side, as desperation (people wanting to offload their unusable reservations) almost always equals amazing deals.