The New Year Calls For A New Desk

A desk in office with a laptop, keyboard, and sunglasses

Whether your office is a sprawling shared space or a not-so-spacious cubicle, there’s always a way to make your desk a pleasant and productivity-inducing place. To get you started, stock up on pretty stationery, cute catchalls and cool tech options. And if all else fails, a secret candy stash will do the trick. So what little extras does Team Zoe swear by to get them through the most hectic days unscathed? Click through to find out!

Jennifer Ash, Accessories Editor

"I love the idea of infusing a workspace with pops of color, in my case that's pink with a few splashes of print. My Frends headphones are essential when I need to tune out my surroundings and focus on a demanding project."

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Christian David, Art Director

“My desk has an accidental cat-and-divas theme thanks to my Beyoncé chocolate bar, Nicki Minaj perfume duo (I thought the bottle shapes were funny) and my never-ending supply of feline-themed gifts from coworkers and friends. Whenever someone sees anything with a cat on it, it somehow ends up on my desk. But don’t get me wrong, I love it!"

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Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"You can never go wrong with a clean white base and gold accents. I always make sure to have candles around––a great scent is an easy way to disconnect and take a breather when things get stressful. And the pretty beauty products in a glass vase serve as constant inspiration."

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Jordan Silver, Marketing Manager

"A lot of what I do involves looking at analytics and Excel spreadsheets so I try to keep my space fun and vibrant to keep me inspired when it comes time to think of things in a creative way."

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Kate Wolfson, Freelance Living Editor

"The most important thing about my workspace is definitely functionality, with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. This means stocking my desk with plenty of pretty stationery items like journals and notebooks and at least 2 different types of candy to keep my sugar levels up."

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