Is It Ok To Dress Sexy When Attending a Wedding?

While it is always important to let the bride be the star of the show on her special day, there are a few instances in which it’s essential that you too look absolutely stunning. 1.) You have an ex-boyfriend in attendance. 2.) You’re single, and there promises to be a high number of eligible men at the festivities. 3.) Because you want to. Enough said. While your ultimate goal is to look sexy, there are various, dignified ways to achieve that end. We all know there is a fine line between overtly sexy (clingy everything) and subtly sexy (smoke show). Since we’re always aiming for the latter, we curated some important tips for wearing provocative silhouettes while keeping your classy game on point. Because just like your mother said, it’s important to always act (and look) like a lady.

Bringing Sexy Back

Plunging Neckline

If you're going to bust out the décolletage, be sure to offset the bold silhouette with the rest of your look. Translation: It's fine to rock a plunging neckline if the dress covers your legs and/or shoulders. Try to find a long, ethereal option and accessorize with bohemian-chic flat sandals and delicate, layering necklaces.

Body-Con Silhouette

A curve-hugging minidress is on the borderline of what is considered acceptable wedding attire. To balance out the provocative nature of the silhouette, add a tailored blazer and classic pumps. Once the party gets started and everyone is on the dance floor, lose the jacket and embrace your inner dancing queen.

Backless Dress

First order of business with a backless dress: Do not, we repeat, do not wear it with a bra or bandeau. We beg of you. Showing your unmentionables in a bold way is not appropriate for a wedding. For those of you who can pull off a skin-baring frock, be sure to bring a lightweight scarf to wear at the ceremony.

Thigh-High Slit

You want a dress with an up-to-there slit to read disco fabulous, not in-your-face sexy. To achieve this, style the look with simple accessories like a sculptural, gold cuff and barely there sandals.

Crop Top

A crop top can be made elegant, especially when paired with wide-leg trousers and slip-on mules. Choose a demure style that only reveals a small flash of skin rather than a teensy-weensy version that reads more cheap than chic.