The Workout Classes Celebrities Swear By

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she’s working towards what she wants. That may not be how the saying goes, but when it comes to celebs looking their absolute best, it’s more true than ever. For those of us not born with a high-speed metabolism, we rely on workouts to get keep our bodies (and minds) in great shape. Naturally, we like to keep an eye on A-listers since they’re typically exposed to the newest and most efficient programs before we are. (Plus there is something reassuring about the fact that despite their glamorous lives, they still have to sweat like the rest of us). Here, a roundup of their favorite workouts guaranteed to inspire you to shake up your own routine.


Bella Hadid

Gotham Gym, which offers up boxing classes in SoHo and the West Village, gives the youngest sister of the Hadid siblings the ultimate workout needed to get her from the gym to the catwalk.


Lea Michele

To get her body in the best shape ever, Lea Michele not only hikes her favorite trails, but relies on SoulCycle's intense 45 minute spinning workouts to get in some quality gym time.


Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt relies on The Dogpound to get her sweat on, and with strength and conditioning classes, as well as boxing classes for a heavy cardio workout, it's a regimen your body will totally thank you for.


Kate Hudson

When she's not hiking or promoting her fashion-forward athletic-wear line Fabletics, Kate Hudson takes to her pole and S Factor classes (you can even try your first class for just $20) for a workout that definitely brings sexy back.


Taylor Swift

BFF's Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift not only hang out together, but work out together, too at Body by Simone. The studio offers classes like dance cardio and full body to hips thighs and buns, but the trampoline cardio class is arguably the most fun.


Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough may dance for a living, but when she's not headlining her and brother Derek's show Move Live On Tour, she's working it in her sister's cardio kickboxing class.


Emma Roberts

It may not be as much a class as it is a state of mind for Emma Roberts. The Scream Queens actress relies on lifestyle and nutrition guru Amy Rosoff Davis—whose clients include Selena Gomez and Kristen Bell—to keep her in shape.