7 Essentials Every Stylish Fitness Girl Has

We all know that half the battle of getting to the gym is the act of showing up—once there, the motivation tends to work itself out so to speak. Even more encouraging? Essentials that effectively lend themselves to breaking a sweat with the added bonus of looking chic—because, aesthetics. Dealt with dicey headphones? We got you. Seeking a less-than-clunky tracker? No stress. Still wearing pajamas as gym attire? Here’s how to stop. Whether you’re running a 5K, tapping it back at SoulCycle or working on your six-pack, here, the seven essentials stylish fitness girls have on lock. Is your gym bag stocked?

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Fitness-Girl Essentials

We've all been there. You're mid-way through cardio only to have one earbud die. The worst. Instead, opt for a sweatproof (and wireless!) pair designed for rigorous workouts. They're entirely worth the investment.

You've heard it before. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Yet forgetting a water bottle is all too common. Keep H2O at the forefront by opting for an easy-to-tote glass water bottle. It's better for the environment and your body, plus the pretty exterior inspires regular sips.

Whatever your workout du jour, cool (and functional) sneakers are essential. A knit pair feels fresh while being extremely lightweight, supportive and breathable.

You put a lot of effort into your daily ensembles, so why should your athletic attire be any different? A coordinated set of true performance wear not only looks good but lends itself to a more productive sweat session—i.e. breathable, moisture wicking pieces to combat odor and bacteria.

You've got appropriate workout attire and the same principal applies to what's underneath. A seamless MicroModal style ensures a smooth look while managing moisture via lightweight, naturally breathable construction.

Stretching is just as important as exercise itself. A foam roller is key for alleviating sore muscles and encouraging limber joints. Pro tip: Look for foam rolling classes at certain studios or gyms. A guided stretch can work wonders.

Real talk, you want to monitor your health and fitness, but trackers can be a bit clunky. Instead look for a style that's not only sleek but capable (read: smart reminders, wireless, water resistant). You'll be surpassing your goals in no time.