The Weirdest Wellness Trends We’ve Tried

It’s 2017 and—pardon our French—sh*t is getting weird when it comes to wellness. We couldn’t be happier about this, however, because nothing is more fun than trying out the latest treatments promising physical, emotional and spiritual health. Here, the most out-there trends we’ve tried as of late, from lucid dreaming to bird-seed drinking and beyond.



"Magnesphere sessions (you sit in a charged field for an hour) are supposed to help with sleep and overall wellbeing. My experience definitely made me feel more Zen, and I did sleep well that week, but I'm not sure if it's just the forced isolation (phones are not allowed) and extra-comfy chair or if it was genuinely aligning the charge in all of my cells. Regardless, I'll definitely do it again."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

You can try a Magnesphere session at The Sauna Bar


Chinese Herbs

"I wanted something more natural and effective to combat my digestive issues, so I went to an Eastern medicine doctor to try Chinese herbal medicine. For three weeks, I had to drink a pouch of this brown concoction twice a week. It kind of tasted like dirt water. I am the absolute worst with drinking any liquids that aren't remotely appetizing, so I don't know why I thought this was a good idea. (I can't even take shots properly.) After a few days, I was surprisingly able to down the liquid in one take and got used to it. (My trick was holding my nose and having a piece of candy near me to throw into my mouth once I was finished—I am a child.) After just a week, I started noticing that I didn't bloat or feel uncomfortable as much as I used to after eating."

Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor


Canary Seeds

"People add alpiste to their diets for many different benefits. It can help with diabetes and blood pressure, act as a diuretic and help you maintain a healthy weight. My friends who use it say they've noticed an improvement in their blood sugar levels, a reduction in bloating and inflammation, and that the supplement helped keep them regular. In my case, drinking alpiste every morning helped keep me feeling fuller for a lot longer, which allowed me to space out meals more efficiently throughout the day."

Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

Dream Reality Cinema

Dream Meditation

"I was really excited to try this lucid dream therapy because it promises to treat sleep disorders and because I saw Inception. To be honest, though, it didn't really do anything for me. I'd like to try it again because I know people who swear by it."

Erin Nicole, Senior Lifestyle Editor


A Shamanic Journey

"I went on a shamanic journey at The NOW, a boutique massage parlor in LA that also hosts wellness events, with Marcella Kroll. I had never even meditated, so I had no idea what to expect. She guided us through a meditation to find our spirit animal, which was stressful because I was worried I wouldn't find mine. (I did, and it was a phoenix, in case you were wondering.) I felt pretty silly, but the experience actually did help me clarify my thoughts. I'll (probably) never be self-conscious again after sharing my innermost thoughts with a group of total strangers!"

—Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor


Salt Therapy

"So apparently in addition to seasoning your dishes, you can season your entire respiratory system—that is, through dry salt therapy. By breathing in salt-infused air as you sit comfortably in an insulated chamber, your airways open up for a whole slew of benefits for your lungs and skin, from alleviating allergies to preventing acne. Sure, I didn't walk out of the Breathe Salt Room looking like J.Lo, but I did feel the salt do its thing for a clearer throat and sinuses. Not to mention that I felt as if I'd transported oceanside in its soothing saline atmosphere."

Samantha McDonald, News Editor