These Gadgets Will Make You Sleep Better Than Ever Before

by Stephanie Montes

Call us old fashioned but when it comes to our beauty rest, it usually just involves some comfy pajamas, our favorite pillow and if we’re feeling really fancy, a silk sleep mask. But as it turns out, there’s a whole crop of tech sleep-enhancing products on the rise that you should know about. From a pillow that lulls you to sleep to a T-shirt that enhances your REM experience while you wear it, these gadgets are sure to breathe new life into your basic snooze session. Because a good night’s sleep can never be overrated.


Get Some Sleep

Sleep-Regulating Lightbulb

This genius lightbulb upgrades your nightstand lamp to replace your go-to alarm clock. Equipped with 20 various light setiings, this bulb helps your body fall asleep and wake on its own and is compatible with your Fitbit, Google fit account and other activity trackers.

Sleep-Tracking Device

This sleep-tracking device measures temperature, humidity, sound and light and gives suggestions to improve your environment to achieve your best sleep yet. It can even wake you up at just the right time so you don't feel tired in the morning. And it's pretty to look at.

Sound-Release Pillow

Can't stop your mind from running all night? Sync this pillow with its app to hear relaxing white noise and feel a simultaneous subtle vibration that lulls you to sleep. The best part is nobody around you can hear the noise and you won't have to listen to your thoughts all night.

REM-Enhancing Shirt

Electromagnetic frequencies are woven into the fabric to decrease soreness, stiffness and relieve back and neck pain which will help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. This T-shirt promises to improve your REM restorative sleep so much that you will even dream more vividly.

Temperature-Control Bedsheets

These smart bedsheets turn excess heat and moisture into a vapor, which causes the fabric to dry quickly and regulate your body temperature faster. When it's cold, they do the opposite and hold in heat to bring you back to your ideal body temperature, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.