The One Workout Gigi Hadid Swears By

by Well & Good

It’s clear that Rob Piela’s new Gotham G-Box gym in New York City is no joke the moment you step foot inside. The stairs are lined with inspirational (and NSFW) quotes from famous boxers, and behind the ring is a projector playing old-school clips of Muhammad Ali on a white brick wall. The vibe is apparent: This isn’t a place to mess around.

This might explain why supermodels, like Gigi Hadid, flock to Rob on the reg. “There’s no better workout than boxing, it’s a perfect balance of cardio and resistance training,” Rob says. “It’s also ideal for someone who’s competitive, like me.”

And it’s not just it-girls who are pulling on the gloves in the new Soho spot. Rob’s original gym, Gotham Gym on Washington Street, became so popular that he pretty much had to open a new location to accommodate all his clients. But unlike his West Village space, G-Box—which Rob partnered with WellPath to open—has an elevated, boutique studio style to it. In fact, it’s probably the chicest boxing ring you’ll find.

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