The Official Karlie Kloss Workout, According To Her Trainer

by Well & Good

Images of super-waif Kate Moss wearing Adidas Gazelles aside, modern-day models aren’t just about athleisure; they’re also showing off their muscles and posting Instas at their fave workout studios. And who among the supers is leading the strong pack? Karlie Kloss, queen of the #FitnessFriday pictures.

So how does the ultra-fit runway star work out? She gets some expert help from AKT InMotion founder Anna Kaiser, who pushes the model through a strength training and cardio interval series that the New York City-based dance cardio dynamo tells us leaves Kloss drenched in sweat—and feeling more energized than ever before.

“Karlie works really, really hard,” says Kaiser, who has been training Kloss since April. “She’s super-focused, and we have so much fun together. When a song comes on that she loves, we sing along.” How much fun? The two, who are on a “big Beyonce high,” notes Kaiser, just went to see Queen Bey in concert. (They also like to play Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and Rihanna as well.)

Does the leggy model ever have trouble getting through the trainer’s tough, sweaty workout? “At the beginning, she would stop—it’s really hard,” admits Kaiser. “But now she pushes through. Her head’s in the game.”

And her heart, too: Kloss wears a heart rate monitor to every single class (AKT offers them up to everyone—yes, even us normals), and Kaiser pushes her to be at 75-90 percent of her maximum heart rate throughout every sweat session. (And you thought that models were lightweights….)

But the most impressive thing about Kloss’ fitness regimen? Her dedication. “Karlie is so busy, but she always finds time to fit in a workout,” says Kaiser. “Sometimes she’ll come directly from a shoot. Even if she’s had a very long day, she shows up.” And if she happens to be on the road? No excuses from Kloss—she’ll stream workouts from Kaiser’s new app.

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