9 Genius Health Hacks You Didn’t Know Were A Thing

It’s awesome that wellness has become such a priority. And of course we all want to be healthier, but being constantly bombarded with expensive and often overwrought ways to get there can be stressful. So we welcome any shortcut that will save us time and resources while also improving our overall well-being. Here, nine such health hacks to start trying ASAP.


Get Healthier In A Heartbeat

Real psychologists determined cursing can make you more resilient, to which we say, f*ck yeah! Studies have also shown swearing makes you stronger and increases pain tolerance, so we suggest indulging in a string of expletives before your next Pilates class or dental appointment for best results.

You can do this at any office—here's how.

Most people reserve these tricks for small children, but they work on junk-food-loving adults as well. Take a test run with these Chocolate Spinach Brownies With Peanut Butter Frosting. Chocolate Avocado Pudding is also a thing, and we aren't mad at it.

You can also easily sneak more veggies into your savory meals without feeling like you're eating a salad. You know that cauliflower rice Trader Joe's was nice enough to package up for us? Add a bit to your scrambled eggs each morning to balance out your breakfast. If you're a pasta lover, stop trying to offset your bowl with a salad and instead throw some spinach (or mushrooms, etc.) into the sauce. Trader Joe's actually sells a kale and cauliflower macaroni and cheese that, while not exactly a plate of micro-greens, is much healthier than a box of Kraft if you're craving comfort food.

Those of us who sit all day, every day have good reason to be concerned about our health. There's hope, however, that doesn't involve quitting your job, and it will help you remember what your legs are for. One Norwegian study showed older men who took three ten-minute walk breaks per day decreased their odds of dying of any cause by 40%. 40%. Read more about the health benefits of walking for a total of 30 minutes per day here.

The typical workstation setup is terrible for your posture—if you work from a laptop, as most do, we highly recommend you invest in a simple stand to reduce slouching. If you're really going for it, we know people who swear by posture training devices like this one to save them from the slump.

Unlike a lot of health trends, turmeric has actually been proven beneficial to overall wellness. Here, several ways to easily incorporate it into your daily diet.

Other spices work to this end, too. Cinnamon, for example, may help ward off Alzheimer's, so consider replacing the sugar in your coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon instead. For a comprehensive list of the health benefits of various spices, go here.

While we wait for this bike, which shuts off your TV if you stop cycling, to be mass-produced and sold to us, we'll have to be our own regulators. If you're a TV junkie—like we are—we suggest you consider implementing a rule that stipulates you must work out for a portion of your viewing time each day/night. To aid you in this endeavor, write a bunch of short exercises onto slips of paper (e.g., 20 push-ups), toss them into a bowl and choose one periodically as you watch your program.

Not so long ago, research showed a hot bath has similar benefits to exercise, which is just the best news ever. So, simply soaking in a tub daily can boost your overall well-being. While you're at it, we suggest you optimize your tub for best health by adding things like sake, cannabis, sage and other such unexpected ingredients into the mix.

Given that we're in the midst of a heat wave in Southern California and central air is not standard around these parts, we can only roll our eyes at this suggestion (or rather, weep). But, according to research, sleeping in a cold room can boost your metabolism, which seems like an easy way to maintain a healthy weight if ever we've heard one. Plus, what's better than bundling in blankets as you settle in for a snooze?