So Apparently Having A Dog Makes You Healthier, According To Science

Further proof that dog people are superior to cat people (this editor offers completely objectively despite being a person with two precious dogs): Owning a dog seriously reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and other fatal diseases, according to scientists.

Researchers studied around 3.4 million people in Sweden aged 40 to 80 years old. They found owning a dog dramatically reduced risk of cardiovascular death in people who lived alone, cutting it by 36 percent. And for people who didn’t live alone, the risk was still cut by 15 percent.

They also looked at deaths from any cause, and found dog owners who lived solo were 33 percent less likely to die over the course of the study, and dog owners who lived with other people were 11 percent less likely to die. While they don’t know exactly what it is about dogs that boosts your health (we can think of a few things, including nose boops and snuggles), they believe there is a correlation. Meanwhile, we’re forwarding this to our significant other as definite proof we need another fur baby.