This Is How Christie Brinkley Really Stays In Shape

Christie Brinkley simply refuses to age. Nearly four decades after her debut as a top model, Christie has just made her official Sports Illustrated comeback, appearing in the latest Swimsuit Issue. Of course, the 63-year-old has never looked better, still somehow managing to look like she’s 23. Naturally, we’re curious about her fitness secrets—and she’s ready to reveal all.

After trying juice fasts and selective eating, the supermodel has ultimately ruled out yo-yo dieting. “The only thing that really lasts is a well-balanced diet,” Christie said in an interview for New York Magazine. She also makes sure she always has a protein-filled breakfast and a light lunch—instead opting to fill up on smaller snacks—and goes colorful with her veggies for dinner. (Christie is a self-described flexible vegan.)

“Most people will agree that when they feel good, they look good, and when they don’t feel well, they don’t look as well,” she added. “The healthiest thing is to put the emphasis on health and wellness, and let beauty be the result of that.” We don’t disagree.

Photo: @christiebrinkley