5 Times Gisele Made Us Want To Dust Off Our Yoga Mats

If you follow Gisele on Instagram, you may get the sense that she’s living the most zen life of all time. This begs the whole chicken-or-egg question—does Gisele have a life for which we would do almost anything because she has always possessed such a zen mind, or has she only become zen as a result of her extraordinarily amazing life? We’re not sure, but we see no harm in believing it’s the former and dusting off our yoga mats in a desperate attempt at getting ourselves some of that good karma. Here, five times she made us want to assume downward dog, stat.


That Time She Did Mommy & Me Yoga

And her small child performed downward dog better than we ever could.


That Time She Paused For Gratitude At Her Book Launch

Reminding us that no matter how much we accomplish, it's important to stay thankful.


That Time She Shared The Sweetest Moment With A Friend

This is totally what our girls nights look like, too.


That Time She Showed Some Love For Her Home Country

Because you should never forget where you come from.


That Time She Proved She's A Pro

If you can zen out on that jagged rock wearing nothing but a bikini, you're officially next level.