Can’t Travel Right Now? Let This Paris-Inspired Candle Transport You

No passport needed.

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Diptyque's  34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle in three different sizes

Scent is a powerful thing: It can impact emotions, influence attraction, and conjure up memories. And if you’ve ever traveled anywhere, you know that a smell can also instantly transport you to a place you love. Sadly, though, making that happen can sometimes be easier said than done. It’s hard to recreate the exact salty-meets-fresh fragrance of your favorite seaside hotel, or the crisp scent of fall air on the mountain you love. That’s where travel-inspired candles come in. Sure, you may not be able to find a blend for every beloved vacation experience. But there’s actually a wealth of options when it comes to infusing the olfactory notes of many specific places into your home.

And when we say specific, we mean it. You may not believe that you can find a candle that recreates the atmosphere of a dinner out in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, or one that brings you straight to the terrace in Little Beach House Barcelona. Yet those exact scents and many more like them exist — and unlike expensive vacations, they’re right at your fingertips and able to be enjoyed immediately.

You don’t have to save up thousands of dollars or wait until the busy travel season is over to transport yourself to your favorite destination. With the click of a button and the strike of a match, the candles ahead will do just that.

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Lola James Harper
22 - The MacArthur Place - 190G CANDLE
MacArthur Place is now known as Sonoma’s foremost luxury resort and spa. It features lush gardens and historic farm buildings, both of which served as the inspiration for this candle’s scent, made up of poplar wood, matcha green tea, and lily notes.