The $995 Bed Frame That Gave Me A Peaceful, Noiseless Sleep

I've never snoozed better.

by Natasha Marsh
thuma bed frame
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When I moved into my first solo apartment last summer, I decided to actually splurge on certain home essentials — a foreign concept to me after spending no more than $200 on previous apartment staples. But as a fresh 30-year-old, I convinced myself that not only was it time, but I deserved to own nice things. With this new lavish mentality, I purchased a beautiful bookcase desk, a sustainable 63-inch wood console table, a framed vintage full length mirror, and a prestigious mobile kitchen island. Aware that I would be out of town a majority of the time for work trips and personal engagements as soon as I moved in — and because I went slightly over budget on said pieces — I wasn’t as thoughtful with other necessities like my kitchen table and bed frame. My reasoning was: Why would I invest in these things when they wouldn’t get much use? Therefore, I purchased a $150 bed frame from a mass retailer (and ignored negative reviews) thinking, how bad could it be?

Short answer: bad. Fortunately, I recruited a friend to help me build the bed frame. From carrying four 50+ pound boxes up two sets of stairs to unpacking and building, the entire process took us nearly three hours, with very confusing directions and way too many spare screws. When it came time to place the mattress on top of the frame, everything seemed (finally) fine and we both patted ourselves on the back for a job well done.

That said, my peace was short-lived. After three months of sleeping on the bed frame, more than half of the screws fell out, causing the bed to sink and make noise at the slightest movement — a super fun experience when I had overnight guests. After weeks of back and neck aches and occasionally waking up in the space between my bed and wall, thanks to the aforementioned slant, I decided enough was enough. Even if I had more trips on the horizon, the time I spent at home should be filled with nights of good sleep.

Fast Facts:

  • Price: Starting at $795
  • Size: Bed frames range from Twin to Cali King
  • Best For: Those who want low-maintenance set-up and quiet, comfy sleep
  • Material highlights: Upcycled rubber wood, CertiPUR-US® certified foam with a 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave cover
  • What we like: Easy to assemble, quality, sustainable materials, and long-term durability
  • What we don’t like: The cushioned headboard can be less than sturdy for unconventional room formats
  • Your rating: 4.9/5

The Thuma Bed Frame

When deciding on my next bed frame purchase, I had three main requirements: easy and painless (less than an hour) installation, screws that all had a home, and quality that would last for far more than three months, preferably years to come. After some thorough research and loads of recommendations from friends, I decided on the mid-century inspired bed frame from Thuma, a San Francisco-based company that believes “bedtime should be better.” Apart from the minimalist design, the biggest draw I had to the viral bed (which has more than 12,600 reviews on its site that average 4.9 out of five stars) was the no-tool assembly. Made from repurposed wood, all 11 pieces interlock with just two hand-tightened screws. Fascinated at all the claims, I contacted Thuma to test out The Bed.

Thuma bed upon arrival

The frame, priced at $995, ships free to your door within a week or two of purchasing, in three skinny boxes — an important decision for Thuma after reading a plethora of customer views from competitor sites on the inconvenience of carrying traditional bulky square boxes up apartment building stairs. Living on the second floor in a spiral staircase building, I was grateful to easily get around the corners with the slim, customized box design. The bed comes with the frame, a foam-filled PillowBoard (the brand’s version of a headboard) with a washable, 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave cover, and extra-strength cushion-coated slates made from recycled plastics for durability and sound reduction.

The Set Up

Thuma prides itself on assembly and disassembly taking no longer than 10 minutes from start to finish. Triggered from my last bed frame set up, I gave myself an hour to attempt. As soon as the boxes were in my bedroom, I placed the pieces on the floor in order (legs with side panels, bottom and top panel with middle wood, and PillowBoard at top) of how they would be assembled. I’m happy to report that with no additional person and no tools, you truly cannot screw up this assembly. From carrying it up my stairs, unboxing, and building, the entire process took me 23 minutes.

Thuma bed pre-install

The bed is built with Japanese-inspired joinery that seamlessly locks into place to create a secure fixing without the need for screws or metal hardware — that, according to the brand, is the reason for squeaks and creaks. I was impressed with how quickly each piece locked into the adjacent one, sans drilling, hardware, or screws. The legs and long side beams seemed to intuitively know they belonged together and created no gaps, nor required ill-fitting screws. It stood upright as soon as the first corner was locked in, avoiding the need for an additional person or object to hold up one side, while the other was being assembled.

I didn’t have to flip through a user manual or stress out about what step I was on (once you secured the first corner, it was the same method for the rest) or if a screw I was using was the correct one. Lastly, the double-strength, cushion-coated slats were laid on top for a supportive, and most importantly, silent foundation.

Thuma bed Japanese joinery

The Design

The Bed by Thuma comes in natural or walnut wood finish (I opted for the latter) and is designed to be functional and look modern. It sits 13 inches above the floor, allowing me to store shoes, suitcases, and other excess items under the bed to keep things decluttered. On top of all the benefits, Thuma offers a 100-night return policy and a lifetime warranty. It was this backing that reassured me it would be a great purchase with accessible customer service if I did have an issue.

I especially like the cozy PillowBoard, the brand's version of a cushioned headboard. Although I don’t often eat or drink in bed, when I do, I am comforted by the minimal cleanup of spills with the zip-off cover that can easily be washed or changed out for a different color.

Thuma bed frame

If you like a sturdier headboard or have an unconventionally shaped room, the PillowBoard may be something you skip. It’s great for pillow layering but since it is not attached to the bed frame, it really is only optimal for those that have it wedged against a wall firmly. My bedroom has a water pipe pole in between the wall and the PillowBoard — forcing me to adjust it back into place more than I’d like. I’ve attempted to wedge it in between the pole but it just doesn’t seem to work and if I put it on the opposite wall, it would block the entrance of the room. Aside from that, it’s still a cozy addition.

My Takeaways

Beyond the functionality, I am a proud owner of The Bed from Thuma for its eco-friendly values. Each platform is made with upcycled and repurposed rubber wood from rubber tree plantations. Through this process, they are able to repurpose trees that have reached the end of their life cycle and would have otherwise been discarded. And because they use the trees close to their facility, they minimize transportation emissions as well. And the cherry on top, their collaboration with One Tree Planted also helps build a tree for each product purchased.

Sustainability and functionality aside, The Bed just looks good. Hosting friends on and off for the last several months, the compliments and inquiries about the frame are endless. I’ve never prioritized design and functionality over cost in my adulthood, mainly because I didn’t have the coins to make a better decision, but I am so proud and honored to have The Bed, that I end up spending more time in my bedroom as a whole. Sleeping in it for more than seven months now, my sentiments and love for the frame continue to grow: The Thuma bed is of the highest quality, extremely easy to assemble, silent and durable, and simply stunning to see in any bedroom.