This Cozy Throw Pillow Trend Will Upgrade Any Room In Seconds

Experts share this year’s must-know styles.

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It’s amazing how effective throw pillows can be in transforming a space. Without any, couches, beds, and benches often look sad and empty; yet with them, they appear comfortable, complete, and full of personality. In addition to those benefits, they’re often an affordable way to refresh the look of your space, which is why following throw pillow trends can actually be fun for those who don’t want their home to feel stagnant. Because while swapping out your furniture every time a new style becomes popular isn’t exactly advisable, replacing your pillows frequently is a sound and easy alternative.

Despite their many advantages, though, it can feel impossible to hone in on what’s actually trending. There are endless styles out there, and just as many (if not more) ways to use them, making narrowing down your choices a daunting task. Still, it’s worth it to try, which is why TZR reached out to experts on the subject to break down what’s hot right now, as well as how to put those looks into practice.

With summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your space a stylish update. Below, you’ll find six throw pillow trends recommended by industry insiders to help you do just that.

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Throw Pillow Trend: Mixing & Matching

You may be tempted to buy four of the same pillow and be done with it, but interior designer Emma Beryl actually recommends a different approach. “Mixing and matching patterns, prints, and textures for your throw pillows (as opposed to matching sets on either side of your sofa) is a big trend for 2021 because it looks so much more collected, layered, and interesting,” she tells TZR. “The best way to do this is to stick to one color story, including a solid throw pillow, a geometric pillow, a small scale print, and a large scale print.”

There are other trending approaches to this you can take as well if that specific one doesn’t appeal to you. Meg Young, the founder of Cailini Coastal, says that contrasting stripes and bold patterns are in style, which can also be mixed and matched in different ways. Her advice? Mix a bolder stripe pattern with a more simplistic style, or mix and match prints in complementary colors to add interest to neutral furniture.

Throw Pillow Trend: Oversized

Both Ella Hall, the founder of Stitchroom, and Young agree: Oversized throw pillows are trending, and for myriad reasons.

According to Young, these pieces just make styling a bed easy. “Add two shams (for a queen) or three euros (for a king) and finish the look with one oversized body pillow,” she says. Or, skip the shams and euros entirely “and simply use two oversized big pillows.”

As Hall notes, they also help increase the seating in a room as well as help to make spaces more inviting. She suggests scattering them around a low coffee table for occasions like game nights with friends, and opting for bold accent colors to liven up the aesthetic.

Throw Pillow Trend: Orb Shapes

As with many other home decor items, rounded shapes are making their way into throw pillows, according to Beryl. “Orb-shaped throw pillows are trending in 2021 because they feel unexpected and playful,” she shares. That said, she continues, you’ll want to place them carefully. “I like to use these on accent chairs with a throw blanket so that they aren't competing for attention with other pillows.”

Throw Pillow Trend: Blue Shades

Mercedes Kerrison, the founder and principal designer of ABODE Staging + Design, notes that blue throw pillows aren’t just trending now: They’re always in style, “especially when experimenting with texture in different fabrications and patterns.” Her go-to way of styling them? Pairing blues with “crisp, clear splashes of colors” and jewel tones, such as yellows, turquoises, and rich greens.

Throw Pillow Trend: Velvet

Another current trend you can trust will never go out of style, says Kerrison, is velvet pillows. “They are very rich in color and present a touch of comfort to any decor,” she continues. “Pairing a velvet pillow with an inexpensive couch or accent chair will instantly give a luxe look.” The designer recently demonstrated this with a client, for whom she paired a copper velvet pillow with abstract wallpaper for a touch of pizazz in their breakfast nook. “[It] made the [spot] a comforting place to hang out with family.”

Throw Pillow Trend: Tassels & Piping

One trend you may be overlooking, according to Hall, is tassels and piping. They’re “so underrated,” she says, “and instantly add a wow factor to your throw pillows.” Utilize these details by arranging “bold and patterned 30-inch euro throw pillows with tassels or contrast piping” right in front of the sleeping pillows on your bed — they’ll instantly add flair to the room. Hall also explains that pillows with these fun details can be a cost-effective upgrade to your couches, since they provide an “extra element and more texture.”