The Bella Hadid-Approved Bar Cart Alternative Literally Anyone Can Copy

Bella Hadid / Instagram
Bella Hadid's home features a shelf that serves as a chic bar cart alternative

Though bar carts feel undeniably fancy and fun, they're actually pretty unnecessary when it comes to storing your alcohol and all its accessories. That's because, honestly, anything can serve as a bar cart alternative — according to Bella Hadid, that even includes your bookshelves.

Though admittedly the model's collection of spirits (at least, the one on display) is pretty light, Hadid's alternative to the traditionally used piece still serves as a chic substitute that would work even for aspiring mixologists. The 24-year-old's solution? Using her funky white bookshelf to store her bottles.

Hadid has shown off this part of her home a few times recently, giving fans a sneak peek in October and then a better look at the entire area later in November. Like the model's personal style, the scene points to a love of vintage, featuring a couple of black Kit-Kat clocks, some trendy totem candles, and two electric guitars. The star of the vignette, though, is Hadid's retro-looking, modular shelves, which, in addition to holding most of the decor, have also taken on the role of bart cart in the model's home.

Though arranging your alcohol on a bookcase is by no means a groundbreaking storage solution, there are a few tips to making this work that you may not have considered. First: If you have more bottles than Hadid does, you might want to invest in some type of tray — that way, they'll appear more intentionally placed and be less likely to look like a mess.

Additionally — and this may seem obvious — take notes from the model's own setup and make sure to store everything around eye-level or below. Not only will it keep your collection within easy reach, but the last thing you want is to be worried about heavy bottles of liquid or fancy glasses falling from above your head.

And finally, don't forget about the rest of the decor — because even on a regular bar cart, everything looks better with some accessories. On your shelves, some well-designed bottles would look beautiful paired with all the traditional bookcase things — aka books — but you could also go the Hadid route and choose a theme like the retro vibe she created.

With these tips in hand, continue on for a few funky bookshelves and consoles like Hadid's so that you can create your own bar cart alternative just in time for your next (socially distanced) holiday party.

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