33 Things That Dramatically Upgrade Your Bedroom For Under $50 On Amazon

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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Your days might be full of unpredictable ups and downs, but with the right accessories, your bedroom can be an oasis that energizes you in the morning and helps you reset at night. Amazon's home department is a treasure trove of well-designed things that can upgrade your bedroom for under $50, and ahead, you'll find 33 of the very best.

To help you get a better night's sleep, try a pillowy-soft mattress topper that feels like sleeping on an airy cloud, or update your bedding and pillows with luxe satin. For a seamless start to your morning, add some smart organizers to your closets and drawers to make getting ready much less of a hurried task. At night, when the commotion of the day is starting to quiet down, there are lighting and aromatherapy treats for your senses that will send your body the message that it's time to unwind.

Your everyday life can be hectic, but whatever your day has in store, start and end it with a clear head and a relaxed body. With the following products that can dramatically upgrade your bedroom, you're sure to get an upgrade on your state of mind, too.


A Cozy Comforter That's Easy To Clean

This best-selling Linenspa comforter has quilted pockets stuffed with a fluffy microfiber down alternative, as well as eight corner and side loops to keep your duvet cover in place and prevent bunching. This hypoallergenic bedding is also machine washable, and sold in several different colors and prints — so in fact, there's really no need for a duvet cover at all! Over 10,000 reviewers gave it a glowing positive review on Amazon.


Elegant Satin Pillowcases That Are Great For Your Skin & Hair

Nearly 6,000 Amazon users have given these soft, luxurious satin pillowcases a five-star review because they look expensive, but are a steal at less than $10 for two. Plus, sleeping on this silky satin material can reduce hair breakage by minimizing friction, and can help stop pillow lines from forming on your face overnight. The machine-washable pillowcases come in 14 rich colors, like ivory (pictured), silver gray, and rose taupe.


A Cult-Favorite Mattress Topper That Cradles Your Body in Comfort

Get a better night's sleep with this pillow-soft mattress topper, that’s earned more than 35,000 Amazon ratings to date. The pure cotton cover is filled with down alternative padding that conforms to your body's curves, offering cushioned support even on the hardest mattress. The mattress topper is available in numerous mattress sizes, including a California King. The best part? It has box stitching so the padding doesn’t shift around after washing — and yes, this is fully machine washable.


Silky-Soft Bed Sheets Infused With Cooling Aloe Vera

This bedding set is made from silky, double-brushed microfiber and infused with cooling aloe vera, which will also help sheets stay soft through many washes. Made to stay put even on deep mattresses, the sheets are available in 11 colors, like gray (pictured), olive, cream, and purple.


Two Soft Gel Pillows That Won't Lose Their Shape

Filled with gel fiber, these pillows are super soft and will keep their plush shape no matter how you use them. The gel fiber interior will also keep you cool throughout the night, so they're great for hot sleepers. The included cover is made from soft, sateen cotton and the pillows are dust-resistant and hypoallergenic, to boot.


Smart Plugs That Control Devices Right From Your Phone

These smart plugs can turn lights and appliances on and off even if you're not home by using the complementary Kasa app. The plugs are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices for effortless voice control. Set timers and create a schedule so you can enjoy the perfect ambient lighting or have your air conditioner turn on before you return home. One shopper raved, “The setup literally took minutes, and was so easy.”


Hanging Fabric Cubbies To Maximize Your Closet Space

Use these fabric cubbies to create extra storage solutions for stacks of sweaters or tees. The organizer hangs right on any closet rod and come with a built-in garment rod suspended below them, which gives you ample hanging space for putting away shorter length items, like blouses or skirts.


A Set Of Organizers For Your Sock & Underwear Drawers

You'll be able to store everything from bras and socks to underwear and tights in this set of drawer organizers. Each of the four boxes comes with dividers that help you sort and keep your delicates easy to find. Made from a sturdy fabric material, the organizers are available in seven colors, including gray (pictured), classic black, and bright turquoise.


A Tablet Stand With 360-Degree Rotation

This tablet stand has a swiveling base and 360-degree rotation, which frees up your hands and helps you no longer crane your neck just to be able to watch a movie while in bed. The stand comes with two rubber-padded bracket holders that will hold tablets of different sizes, up to 13.5 inches, vertically or horizontally.


A Charging Station With Room For 7 Devices

Your devices — phones, tablets, and even smartwatches — will all have a dedicated slot on this bamboo charging station. There's also a space for keeping cords and power banks tucked neatly away. In addition to keeping your devices organized, the cute charging station comes with seven cable ties for keeping your wires tangle-free.


A Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Brass Jewelry Stand

With a matte finish and a minimalist look, this jewelry stand is both eye-catching and modern. The two tiers have edging to make sure small items, like ear studs, stay put, and the padded base won't damage furniture. The stand is available in brass, white, or black to match any bedroom style.


A Smart Bulb That Helps You Set The Right Mood

This smart light bulb can be turned on remotely and set on a schedule using its companion app. You can also change the ambiance in your room, whether you're looking for a soothing glow for your evening yoga practice or an energizing bright light to get you going in the morning. The light bulb can also be controlled by voice via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.


Vertical Hangers To Organize Overflowing Closets

Each of these space-saving hangers can hold five items in a vertical cascade, thus giving your closet rod way more usable space than with traditional hangers alone. This 10-pack of hangers can hold up to 50 of your favorite blouses, shirts, pants, cardigans, and more.


A Soft Shag Rug That's A Perfect Accent Piece For Any Floor

This incredibly soft area rug has a shaggy texture that feels great on bare feet. The rug has a no-skid lining, so it will stay put, and because it's hypoallergenic (it's made of faux wool), it can be vacuumed or tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Available in five colors, including white and gray, it will definitely take your bedroom decor up a notch.


A Cooling Mattress Topper That Feels Like Sleeping On A Cloud

Constructed out of 400-thread-count combed cotton, this mattress topper is not only soft and extra fluffy, but it's breathable and cool to the touch, which will help keep you comfortable throughout the night. The topper slips over a mattress like a fitted sheet for a snug fit, and it's machine-washable, too.


A Curtain Of Twinkling Lights For An Air Of Enchantment

Hang this twinkling curtain of string lights in your bedroom for a touch of nighttime magic. The warm, LED lights have eight settings to choose from, including slow fade and wave.


A Customizable Nightlight That Turns On With The Tap Of Your Finger

This portable LED lamp turns on and off with the tap of your finger anywhere along the touch sensor. There are four main brightness settings to choose from — including warm or bright — and you can even choose to illuminate your room with a color (there 13 different hues to choose from). When it’s time to charge, simply power it up via USB. One shopper noted, “Battery lasts a good while, and recharge fast! Multiple light color options is a bonus!”


A Long-Lasting Essential Oil Diffuser In A Powdered Matte Finish

Place this handcrafted ceramic essential oil diffuser and humidifier near your bed to fight dry air and get a dose of aromatherapy. It’s available in two different sizes (100 milliliters or the larger 250 milliliters) so you can choose the one that works for your needs. The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water runs out and has 9 different lighting settings to help set the mood.


Silky Curtains That Block Out Sunlight And Cold Air

These triple-woven blackout curtains not only keep sunlight and UV rays away, but they also help regulate your room's temperature. The insulating panels are available in 28 colors, including soothing, dusty pink and a cozy, dark gray.


An Outlet Extender With USB Ports & A Motion-Sensor Light

Plug in this multi-functional outlet extender to create five additional outlets and two USB portals to charge your gadgets and power up other devices. The best part? The power strip doubles as a nightlight with a built-in sensor.


A Set Of Clever Hangers That Prevent Clothes From Falling & Becoming Dimpled

With a clever arc design, these slip-reducing hangers will stop clothes from falling onto your floor (and keeps those pesky shoulder indentations from forming on your garments, too). The hangers are also coated with non-slip plastic, which won't snag any of your delicate pieces.


A Lavender-Infused Mattress Topper For A Dose Of Aromatherapy

This mattress topper is made from body-conforming memory foam with textured "zones" that improve the breathability of the material and help you stay comfortable throughout your time in dreamland. The topper is also infused with lavender, a soothing scent known for its calming and sleep-inducing effects.


A Body Pillow With Adjustable Support

You can add or remove the down-alternative stuffing in this body pillow to best fit your needs. Fluff up the pillow for more support for your shoulders while you're reading in bed, or take out some of the stuffing to cradle your neck as you lie down. The body pillow is also excellent for side sleepers, since it helps keep your spine aligned.


A Self-Adhesive Lighting Strip That's Motion Activated

Easily stick this motion sensor lighting strip under the frame of your bed or any flat surface where you may need more visibility at night. The strip can be programmed to turn on automatically every time your feet touch the floor and has an auto-off timer that can be set to between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Emits A Warm & Relaxing Glow

This authentic, hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp give off a warm, soothing glow that you can control with a dimmer switch to achieve your desired ambiance. You get two bulbs with your order so you can start enjoying it right away.


An Ergonomic Memory Foam Wedge That Helps Relieve Common Aches & Pains

Made from high-density memory foam, this contour wedge pillow will help keep your spine aligned and relieve pain and tension in your back, hips, and legs. Use it to support your legs if you're a side sleeper, or to prop up a knee after an injury.


An Easy & Attractive Way To Adjust The Height Of Your Bed

Forget those plain plastic bed lifts; these adjustable bed risers are made of solid wood and provide a much more polished way to adjust the height of your bed (or other pieces of furniture). Each set comes with eight risers.


These Slanted Shelves That Double Your Shoe Storage Space

Double your shoe storage space on any shelf, cubby, or even the floor with these shoe stackers. Each "shelf" has slanted tiers and a non-slip texture to keep your footwear from sliding off. This set of four stackers will hold eight pairs of your favorite flats, sandals, and sneakers at a time.


A Hanging Organizer To Keep Small Necessities On Hand

This sweet hanging organizer is made from a blend of breathable cotton and linen, and has so many versatile uses. The five small pockets can fit notebooks, phones, and any other tiny necessities, and it would look just as nice hanging near your bed as it would in your bathroom.


A Rolling Storage Cart Designed To Fit Under Beds

Keep extra blankets or seasonal wardrobe items tucked away with this rolling cart that's designed to fit under your bed. The elevated steel basket prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt and won't stop air flow, either.


Slip-On Shelf Dividers To Keep Sweaters, Scarves, & Bedding Sorted

These shelf dividers will keep piles of sweaters, jeans, and other clothes — as well as sheets and towels — in neat stacks in your closet. Made from steel and a non-woven polymer fabric, the dividers slip on to most standard shelves and stay securely in place.


A Hand-Woven Basket That's Perfect For Storing Blankets

This braided wicker basket has a beautiful, arched shape and round handles for easy transport. Woven from hyacinth reeds, the basket has a hidden a steel frame, so it won't ever lose its shape. Pile it high with blankets and extra pillows for a beautiful storage solution and decorative accent.


Hanging Storage Cubbies That Are Sturdy Enough To Hold Your Jeans

These hanging shelves are made from a fabric-covered heavy board that won't sag or bend. The set of two shelves can be hung separately, or attached together with a zipper. Each unit also has two small side pockets.

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