Meet The New Travel App Taking The Work Out Of Finding Instagrammable Locations

Scout’s here to streamline the process.

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If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and came across a photo of a beautiful location, you know the frustration of trying to discover its whereabouts. Fortunately, there’s someone who understands that feeling all too well — and has decided to do something about it. After spending countless hours of her life scouting locations that would stand out on social media, influencer and entrepreneur Emma Rose Leger came up with the idea for The Scout App, a brand-new tool that simplifies the process of finding beautiful and unique backdrops — thus, saving travel lovers and content creators time, work, and money.

How does it work, exactly? After downloading from the App Store (for free) on your phone, you can browse Scout’s home feed to discover locations near you, in addition to spots posted by your favorite “Scouters.” You can also use its explore page to find destinations and backdrops in a specific city or region, filter based on how far you want to travel, find Scouters all over the world, and save locations to unlock later. When you’ve found a place you love and know you want to visit it, the app lets you “unlock” the exact coordinates (as well as shooting tips and other advice from the Scouter) for $1.99 per location. You can then rate the location and comment to aid future users with your own tips or advice.

As you probably guessed, that cost means the platform benefits Scouters as well; in fact, they receive a commission every time a user unlocks one of their locations. So while the tool is undoubtedly useful for those seeking new places to photograph, it also serves as a way for people to monetize their creative efforts. And yes, anyone can become a Scouter — the point of the app is to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn in the industry and feel valued for their unique perspective.

“The main goal behind developing the app is to build a community that can give everyone the platform to support one another,” Leger tells TZR in an email. “And, finally, after two years of development, seeing the app launch has been one of the most exciting steps in my career. I cannot wait to see where this takes us!”

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