The New Ruggable X Goop Collab Is So Sophisticated

Gwyneth strikes again.

by Jessie Quinn
Courtesy of Ruggable
Ruggable X Goop Collection
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Wellness and lifestyle brand Goop has officially entered the textile space, partnering with Ruggable on a washable rug collection designed to emphasize the home as a true sanctuary. The collection, which launched July 10, draws inspiration from Goop’s elevated earthy aesthetic and embodies the brand’s spirit of wellness and self-care combined with Ruggable’s coveted cozy and functional washable rugs.

“A well-loved home is a backdrop for our most special memories: playing with our children on the floor, a boisterous dinner party with old friends, a rare quiet moment curled up with a book,” says Goop’s founder, Gwyneth Paltrow in an email. “For Ruggable x Goop, we leaned into those precious moments, blurring form and function to create an elevated collection of organic neutrals with motifs and textures lifted from our travels,” says Paltrow.

The Ruggable x Goop collection features eight rugs in flat woven, tufted, and re-jute textures, available in 10 sizes (including runners) on the Ruggable site. From a stunning Santorini blue-striped area rug to a neutral diamond checkered entryway piece, the styles start at $119 and go up to $1,079, depending on the design and size. Each rug aims to transport your space into a realm of relaxation, capturing elements of warm and simple luxuries through neutral tones and global-inspired motifs, with touches of Indian Dhurrie and Spanish revival designs.

Courtesy of Ruggable

The eight-piece cohesive collection truly has something for everyone and every aesthetic. Whether it’s the neutral geometrical print found in the Lucia Natural Rug, the eclectic-meets-minimalist feel of the Dilara Sage Green Tufted Rug, or the pop of ethereal blue highlighted in the Luna Soft Teal Tufted Rug, it’s a collection that transcends home decor styles and blends beautifully into any space. Each textile has a soft and grounded feel that romanticizes the home as a place of nourishment through connection, care, and an appreciation for the small, in-between moments that make life a bit sweeter.

Despite being designed through a lens of luxury, these rugs are less about creating a staged space and more about leaning into life at home and the small but impactful pleasures of daily rituals. The Goop collection indulges in the magic of daily life, such as slow and quiet mornings alone in the kitchen or the sounds of children laughing and playing in the living room. “Our hope is that these luxurious, washable rugs live in your mind as part of your most special memories for years to come,” says Paltrow.

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